When Feeling Bottled: Follow The Advice Below
Nov 17, 2023

Are humans better or worse off for having a beer?

Let’s go back a bit to history. Beer which I would be talking about here full everywhere in the Old and New Testament whether you’re referring to all inside there as wine, not beer, which I take both to be the same. Alcohol is alcohol. Back in the day, there was no chemical-induced one in existence. So what was acting as beer was grape and probably palm wine too.

Holy Book’s encounter with alcohol is a funny one somehow. Have you noticed how a greater percentage of the account there when not coming directly from Christ or God is always on the negative side? “Any one led astray by alcohol is not wise”
“God has given us a bitter wine of sorrow for drink”
A statement like that are many, so many in the bible, and yet when either Christ is talking or God is involved directly always: “Give him that is bitter of heart a little wine to, drink so to forget his sorrows” or ones like: “he took a cup of wine, gave thanks to his father in Heaven and said to his disciples, this is a cup of my blood, do this in the memory of me” or account of turning water into wine in Canna.
We all know that anything in excess is not good. Talk too much, you are courting trouble, sleep over, are courting poverty or sickness, eat in excess, you are courting discomfort and obesity, pray in excess even, you are courting losing God and talking to what you don’t know anymore. Drink in excess, it’s bad for your health. Moderation is always the idea for everything including food and drink.
So, are we better or worse off with having beer?

Now we are hearing from the scientists and researchers who told us to go for a glass each day before to now run entirely from it and that no quantity is good at all. We are told to abstain even from a drop that it is bad for us and our health. But, with the holy book in the issue. To me and my common sense, I think moderation is the key. Nothing is ever bad on itself till abused by us humans.
If you really want to be good boy that follow instructions, who, let then the holy book guide you more than research and science because both kept disappointing themselves by encountering their own results within a decade. And so, my answer to the above question is NO unless done without moderation in mind, in which case, you might be inviting problems, and crises that might come to stay. This is a common sense thing. It will always tell your system when it is crossing red lines when enjoyment is turning to abuse. Once the voice or laughter starts rising out of tune and bantering becoming darker in color, it should be sign to get up and leave. Where is the wisdom in laughing unto death or drinking unto disease. Addiction is not an easy habit to break and salary gone is salary gone.

I started tasting alcohol in '92 and to date I drink but never get drunk to the extent of fighting or vomiting what I might regret afterward. Above all, I don't have any terminal disease that comes from that much long tradition.
To think that I don’t have a brand is the thing and I can taste that spirit, palm wine or wine which is outside my usual beer yet, I taste it all but they don’t taste that much. I am one of those who doesn’t have a particular food or drink I run from but I don't overdo anything for your system would start telling you, you are losing control.

   I am the type that wants to be sure I am the one in control and not the type that disappoints itself or deceives it. I set a three fasting day each month that has nothing actually to do with per se  religion or watching weight for I am underweight but a system of telling myself that I can set out a program and see it through. Something to assure myself I am still in control.

So, my advice is to set your eyes on
moderation as your guiding and controlling anchor and try to set your eyes on hard drinks on weekends only if you can except on special occasions. If you can limit yourself to a bottle per week or two bottles and retain it, you are better off in my opinion, and assured of yourself than what researchers are confusing themselves out there with.

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