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What You Didn’t Know About the Practice of Neck Elongation

Mar 23, 2021
Alexis Suarez
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We all know that even ancient people were used to undergo various body modifications to look more attractive. Tattoos and piercing have quite a long story and still remain popular especially among youth or tribes/certain groups of people for whom these modifications turned out to be traditional long ago. Talking about traditions you probably have heard about neck rings: jewelries that were (and somewhere remain) really popular in Asia, Africa and India.

Back to History

The tradition of neck ringing is extremely old: the first neck rings were traced back to the 11th century. There some viewpoints what for these neck rings were invented. Some scientists claim that it was the way to protect your neck from tiger’s attack (tigers try to bite your neck first). Others are sure that due to neck rings women looked less attractive for “foreign” tribes and it lowered the chance for them being kidnapped.

It is important to point out that for modern people who respect this tradition neck rings are associated with beauty and delicacy. Moreover, taking the neck rings pricing into account, it also depicts family’s wealth.

Are these…rings?

Traditionally, this piece of jewelry is called rings. But actually they are coils of brass or gold alloys. Why not real rings? Real rings would be too hard to remove. As the change was constant: as the neck got longer- the old “ring” is removed and new is put on. The weight of rings on woman’s neck can reach 20kilos.

Revealing the truth

The rings do not make your neck longer – it Is nothing more than a belief. In fact, these rings put the collar bone down, because real neck enlargement would hurt the person (even to lethal condition). However, we cannot say that neck rings do no harm. The neck rings wearing leads to neck muscles weakening.

Also neck rings influence people lifestyles. Women have to drink using straws as they can lean behind, they get deep voices (sounding hollow-alike), and in summer they do a lot to protect their skin as the ring get hot under the summer sun.

Neck rings in Modern world

Today neck rings are still remaining popular among women in India, Africa and Asia. However, now women care much more about their health and that is why the rings are much lighter now and many women are tend to take off their neck rings for the night.

Alexis Suarez
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