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What is a Witch?
Feb 25, 2021

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A Witch is someone with wisdom and knowledge of the natural world around them, and the energies contained within it. They would follow the pattern of the seasons and all that entails. They would have an appreciation and understanding on subjects like Healing, Protection work and even Hexing an so on. They have a natural connection to all things of an ethereal nature.

  In times gone by Witches were known as Wise ones or Cunning Folk, regardless of gender or sexuality. However as times have progressed the magickal community has become somewhat stained by the belief that  Witches are female, due to the connection to the divine feminine.  Although this outlook has changed over the last several years and people are more accepting of this notion, it still   causes issues even in our modern society.  Well I can assure you, male Witches do exist and happen to be rather common.  In my opinion it matters not about gender,  all of the same outcomes are possible whether male or female. Its all about intent with our work, and using our own connections to the divine to bring about a desired change.

    A Witch is someone    who is seeking empowerment of some sort, whether it be for a personal change or to aid others in self discovery.

  A wise Witch will learn to question all things, whether  mundane or  magickal in nature. We must continue to search for knowledge and our own personal growth. Witches  learn to understand that they  themselves are Magick, as much as the world around them is.

  As a Witch  they will learn to discover what they are truly about, what their mission is in this lifetime , and how they would like to live their lives. They will speak their truths and hold fast to what is in their heart. Learning skills like  good judgement is key to our practice being successful .

  Witches usually(but not always) actively practice some form of Magick that is inline with their personal beliefs. This can be from spells and rituals to simple meditations or even just appreciating the beauty in the nature that is all around us.

  It is very common for Witches to manipulate energy, this allows them to influence effects on their lives,  other peoples and any situation where a little Magick is  needed.

  They may be someone who wishes not to wait for fate or Deities to bring about change in their lives or paths, or even in other peoples lives.

Some Witches will worship or devote themselves to pagan Gods/Goddesses, while other will work with their own Magick without asking for aid. I’m personally known as Solitary Grey Witch and i do not work in the most part, with deities. This is not because of a lack of faith, more that I feel when those higher powers want to work with us, then they will surely send signs for us to see.

  A Witch is the embodiment  of freewill and accepts that actions have consequences and a ripple effect, whether their work is positive or negative in nature/

  They are  vessels of great energy, and  warriors in our own right.

  Most  importantly a Witch  is you, the practitioner, and however you perceive your own path………
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