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February 11

What Does the Bible Say About the Human Spirit?

Receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior is a groundbreaking occasion. Be that as it may, have you ever considered what occurs straightaway?

Fortunately being saved is only the initial phase in your Christian life. There’s a lot more to being a Christian! Jesus Christ is presently living in you, and He needs to have an individual relationship with you. For this to occur, it’s basic to comprehend the significance of your human soul as indicated by the Bible.

In this post, we’ll see some vital stanzas to investigate what thinking about our soul can mean for our Christian life.

Key Bible sections

The Bible notices the human soul on various occasions.

From the earliest starting point, the Bible uncovers God made individuals with a soul. Beginning 2:7 says:

“Jehovah God framed man from the residue of the ground and inhaled into his noses the breath of life, and man turned into a living soul.”

God framed man’s actual body with the residue of the ground. At that point God inhaled into his noses, and man turned into a living soul. This, obviously, focuses on man’s spirit, which comprises the psyche, feeling, and will.

Presently, where is the human soul in this section? We don’t see the words human soul, yet what we do see is the breath of life. In Hebrew, the first language of the Old Testament, the word for breath is neshamah. This equivalent Hebrew word is interpreted as soul in Proverbs 20:27, which says:

“The soul of man is the light of the Lord.”

By this we can see that when God inhaled into man, man’s human soul appeared. Our human soul is the most profound piece of our being.

Yet, for what reason did God make us with a human soul? Isn’t having a body and soul enough for us to exist?

Why we have a soul

Our soul was made by God so we can contact and get Him. Our body and our spirit have their own particular capacities; just our soul can contact God. We can see this from various stanzas, including John 4:24:

“God is Spirit, and the individuals who love Him should venerate in soul and honesty.”

To contact, or love, God, who is Spirit, we should utilize our soul.

A radio is a decent outline of our soul’s exceptional capacity to contact and get God. Turned on and appropriately tuned, it can get the undetectable radio waves noticeable all around and appropriately decipher them.

Our human soul resembles a radio, and God resembles the radio waves. Our soul is the piece of our being that compares to what God is, so we need to utilize our soul to get in touch with Him.

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What makes our human soul so significant?

Our human soul is so critical to God since God needs to fill us with Himself. He needs us to get Him, and our soul is the extraordinary collector. Our Christian life starts with our human soul, as we see from John 3:6:

“That which is conceived of the substance is tissue, and that which is conceived of the Spirit will be soul.”

Note 2 in the Recovery Version says:

“The main Spirit referenced here is the heavenly Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, and the subsequent soul is the human soul, the recovered soul of man. Recovery is cultivated in the human soul by the Holy Spirit of God with God’s life, the uncreated everlasting life. Along these lines, to be recovered is to have the heavenly, everlasting life (notwithstanding the human, characteristic life) as the new source and new component of a renewed individual.”

The second we trust in Jesus, His Spirit goes into our soul. At the point when we’re recovered, we’re conceived of God; we get His heavenly, unceasing life in our soul; and we become His kids.

The Lord is love, light, harmony, rest, comfort, strength, our Shepherd, our asylum, thus considerably more. What’s more, since He’s presently living in our soul, we can insight and appreciate all He is to us at this moment, not exactly eventually.

Our human soul and our Christian life

Thinking about our human soul is primary for our Christian life. When we understand that the Lord Jesus lives in our soul, we need to apply this acknowledgment by utilizing our soul to get in touch with Him constantly. We can work on doing this first thing every morning. At that point consistently for the duration of the day, we can get in touch with Him by essentially approaching His name, “Ruler Jesus!”

We can likewise utilize our soul to contact the Lord by supplicating with God’s Word. For example, suppose we read John 14:6: “I’m the way, the truth, and the life.” We can supplicate, “Ruler Jesus, thank You for being the way. Much obliged to You for being the truth. Also, Lord, I acclaim You for being the life, the reality. Much obliged to You for being my life.”

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