What a Life Coach can do for you
Sep 4, 2020

Life coaching, is the best investment that you will ever make in your life, you get to invest in yourself, and best of all, it is you and your loved ones that will reap all the benefits from this investment. Ultimately, when you are happy, confident, and contented with your life, everyone else close to you will be also.

A skilled and experienced life coach can help and support you to actualise your inner dreams, desires, and goals. Whether you know it or not, inside of every one of us is a confident and competent person waiting to be unleashed. We can call this person our unique self.

Your unique self may be lying dormant right now, but once motivated to awaken, it is more than capable of assisting you to achieve all the innermost things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

Life coaching is an individualised service that can give you the space, opportunity, and the knowhow to awaken your unique self, enabling you to fully discover ways to unleash this new you, to the world.

You get to work with a life coach who has the knowledge skills and expertise to really help and inspire you to understand yourself fully and completely, in ways you never thought possible.

A life coach can empower encourage and support you to develop the kind of skills, behaviours and habits that will enable you to be a better person and create a balanced life. You will become an excellent confident manager of both your personal and professional life. The kind of manager that other people will want to emulate.

The most effective form of management, in my opinion, is to manage by example, i.e. to do as I do, and not as I say. This style of management, stems from us effectively understanding ourselves and knowing how to personify and demonstrate good self-management.

We do not always realise it, but the people around us, like our family, friends, work colleagues or acquaintances, watch what we do, rather than listen to what we say, they then form or hold the opinions they do about us from the interactions and encounters that they have with us. I always aim to, whenever it is possible, to conduct myself using the win, win, win, approach.

This basically means that you aim to have positive dealings with anyone you encounter daily, therefore leaving them with a good taste in their mouth. They will then spontaneously pass this approach onto the next person they meet. A basic example of this, is when you set out for the day and you go into a shop to buy something or get on a bus or train, set off with the intention to be kind and polite to the people that you encounter along the way. A simple smile or a gentle hello can make a huge difference to someone you do not know. These are just a few simple but effective acts, that life coaching can highlight to you, that can cause you to experience a big internal shift.

Also, as the saying goes, “charity begins at home”, so when leaving home in the morning, a simple, have a great day with a smile, to your family members can also work wonders. They will in turn pass this kind politeness on to the next person they meet. It is much better for us when we pass on simple acts of humanness and politeness, as it positively changes us internally, so everyone wins.

We, win, the person, we are having the encounter with wins, and the next person they encounter, also wins (a win, win, win situation). This may seem strange at first but will soon become a good productive habit. Give it a go and see how it works for you.

A life coach is also someone that can inspire motivate and assist you to make major life changes. They look at you and your life from an objective point of view and encourage you to recognise and own all your positive and negative attributes. As well as working with you to identify your strengths and internal resources, that can be transferred and used to aid you to live a more fulfilled and happier life. They can help you to discover hidden potentials and see things from new and different perspectives, that may not have been previously obvious to you.

Life coaching can be an amazingly effective and enhancing experience for you, it allows you to dissect, in a calm, safe and confidential environment, any or all areas of your life that you want to improve. Once this is achieved successfully, your life will change immensely for the better, and begin to speak for itself.

You will soon notice that most things and people, change and become more positive towards you. As you change, it automatically changes, the way people treat and respond to you. And the things in your life, that continue to be negative or unproductive, are the things and people that you need to let go of. But by this time, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and knowhow, to let go of them in a calm and controlled way.

So, if any of what I have said here resonates with you, and you are serious about meeting your unique self and making some positive life changes. Then I am serious, about giving you all the help and support that you need, and together we will get you to where you want to be. Simply contact me and we can take it from there.

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