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Was Bollywood really not paid to attend Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations

Mar 12, 2024
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The pre-wedding ceremony organized by Mukesh Ambani for his son Anant Ambani caught the attention of the entire world due to its star-studded guest list which included Bollywood celebrities and international celebrities like Rihanna, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. The extravagant event was in line with the Ambani family's tradition of hosting lavish wedding parties.
Everyone knows that Ambani has paid international pop singer Rihanna, aka the ‘Diamonds hitmaker,’ a staggering $8-9 million (Rs 74 crore) to perform at the this function of their younger son Anant Ambani’s and his fiancée, Radhika Merchant.

However, it is still a mystery how our Bollywood celebrities have been compensated (or whether such compensation has even occurred or not) to participate in these three-day-long mega pre-wedding festivities, especially considering they had to set aside their important shooting schedules.

Despite the fact that no work has been completed without payment to date, no official statement regarding the payment made to celebrities who attend his events has been released. Nevertheless, it is clear that these celebrities benefit in some way because they have never attended any private events to which they were invited at no cost.

In the world of high-profile individuals, a complex web of relationships, favors, and influence may be shrouded in mystery, but it definitely happens. It is not uncommon for influential families to extend favors to others, whether due to goodwill, strategic alliances, or personal relationships. These assistance can take various forms ranging from financial assistance to availing connections for specific purposes. The same thing applies to the Ambani family as well.

We all know that the Ambani family, known for its immense wealth and business empire, undoubtedly wields immense influence. Their connections span across various fields, including politics, entertainment, and healthcare. In such a situation, it is interesting to know in what form the gratitude to our film personalities has been repaid or can be repaid in the future.

Indeed, Bollywood celebrities attend Ambani's events to network and establish connections with influential people like high-profile individuals, business tycoons and politicians from different walks of life. Such connections can lead to collaborations, endorsements, and career opportunities.

The Ambani family is like a maker of IOUs for these celebrities (in return for favors or potential favors that Ambani may do for them later). How many times have the Ambani family done great favors to these people in the past?

Let’s take a few examples:

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH) in Mumbai is associated with the Ambani family. Many prominent people, including the famous Bollywood celebrities, have been undergoing this treatment. Not only this, whenever they need to get treatment abroad, the hospital arranges everything, and in most cases, the hospital never asks for repayment of even a single rupee.

The Ambanis reportedly supported Amitabh Bachchan during his financial crisis in the late 1990s. This included paying for Abhishek Bachchan’s education and facilitating Amitabh’s investment in Reliance shares (however, there would hardly have been any repayment clause in it).

An interesting claim is also true that Ambani used his contacts to ensure Aryan Khan’s facilities during judicial custody and ensured that Aryan Khan lived like a prince in judicial custody. Such actions are not uncommon in influential circles, where personal relationships can influence decisions. In such a situation, it is also possible that Ambani showed the BJP a way between himself and Modi and persuaded them not to interfere in Aryan Khan’s case.

Similarly, the influence of the Balasaheb Thackeray family in Maharashtra politics is no secret, with Thackeray’s support for Sanjay Dutt during his legal troubles in 1993 coinciding with the idea of powerful figures intervening for his safety. Therefore, it is natural for the Dutt family to be present in any Thackeray program on the same call sheet.

Now let’s talk about investment in films. Reliance Industries, headed by Mukesh Ambani, owns the popular Indian entertainment conglomerate, Viacom18. Bollywood celebrities attend Ambani events to foster relationships with the Ambani family and explore potential collaborations or projects within the entertainment industry.

Similarly, Anil Ambani’s Reliance Entertainment has truly invested in the film industry, supporting many projects, including both successful and less profitable ones. While investing in loss-making films may be strategic, it also allows Ambani to support the industry, maintain relationships, and potentially profit from future successes.

The Ambani family has consistently invested in potentially loss-making films, saving many production companies from going bankrupt. It’s quite easy for them to invest ₹30 crore for a 50% share in the profits of a loss-making film, forget about it, and save the producer. Without them, ₹50 crore would have been lost, plus Ambani’s business tomorrow. There’s no harm in taking sides. In case of any genuine need, they are paid in markers. Ambani will remember and mark it against the favor done to him or the favor to be done for him in the future.

While specific details of these interactions remain private, the exact terms of these transactions often remain behind closed doors, leaving room for speculation and intrigue. Similarly, this also could be a very good opportunity for Mark and Gates for Business, Green Energy, Jio + Meta.

Ambani events are known for their grandeur and extravagance, which attract significant media coverage. Bollywood celebrities, who are accustomed to the limelight, see these events as an opportunity to showcase their presence and gain media attention. Attending such events helps them maintain their public image and stay relevant in the industry.

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