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Valheim Hof in Denmark, Dedicated to Odin and the Gods

Jan 22, 2018
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A new temple dedicated to the Norse god Odin and other gods has opened in Denmark.

Is it the first Odin’s temple since the Christianization of Scandinavia, which took place between the 8th and the 12th centuries. The year 1188 AD marks the triumph of Christianity in Denmark with the canonization of St. Canute (Sankt Knud), the patron saint of Denmark. Since then, the old ways native to the Danish folk was suppressed for centuries. Finally, as the old ways become re-embraced into Danish culture, a temple rises to hail the way.

Valheim Hof

It is the first time in nearly a millenium, that Odin and all the other Nordic Gods will have another home in Denmark to visit when they are in Miðgarðr.

Valheim Hof

The opening of the Odins Hof (Valheim) in Denmark is a new beginning for the old ways.

Valheim Hof

Ceremonies began to consecrate the Hof to Odin. Nine Roosters were sacrificed for “Alföðr” and consumed as a part of the sacrificial ritual.

Valheim Hof

When the participates entered the northern corner of the Hof, thunder was rolling 3 times. Magical!

Valheim Hof Ceremony

The Three Godas (or Norns) made a magnificent job with the most fantastic songs etc

Valheim Hof

Construction of the Hof. The Odin’s Hov is rising 12 meters above the danish soil, with a square area at around 100 m2.

Valheim Hof

After some small finishing touches and then temple was ready for the official opening ceremony with attendance of several Danish ministers, with the ribbon cut by the leader of the Danish Parliament.

The “first” Odins temple in a nearly 1000 years is now a reality – and MUCH bigger and more beautiful than they ever have imagined.

Njord Kane/Spangenhelm

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