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Using Tarot and Divination To See The Future
Mar 29, 2018

Sonja Harrison
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Divination described a method by which the people has always been a glimpse into the future tried to cast. Often it was also about a look at the actual present to behave properly in different situations may result. People wanted to confirm about the divination for guidance or hope to know which was applicable to different situations in life.

For the fortune-telling crystal ball belonged to bone fragments cast read from viscera. With time and the development of cultures growing methods were added. There’s the astrology, card reading with playing cards, the tarot card reading with, or the pendulum.

Anyone who wants to learn in the field of divination a methodology should be clear, intuition and compassion are two qualities that must be strictly brought. Different areas of fortune-telling must be learned in many years of study. This includes in each case, the card reading, astrology and the Tarot.

The Tarot card readings with is hundreds of even thousands of years old. In Europe, it was the beginning of the 14th First century collection or mention in the traditional tales. In Europe, developed the so called Kipper cards and Lenormand cards. The Lenormand cards are on your inventor named Madame Lenormand. Kipper cards and Lenormand cards have in common that you understand their meaning and purpose, and are fairly easy to learn.

Thus divination also aims to put extra-sensory perception with intuition and methodology for a meaningful picture as a puzzle together. No matter which area you are passionate about the fortune telling, has to act Responsible highest priority.

by Alex Weidmann For The Sequir

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