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Using suffer energy..........Mother - Daughter

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Using of suffer energy.

Mother - Daughter.

Father is involved……….

Inside this triangle, triangle relationships base on a spiritual view by thinking, sensing and feeling. This happens inside spiritual universe. Where I recognised an evolving goal, based on becoming one. Becoming one is possible, when bipolar dualities become transformed into singularities. The strongest impact inside universe is the impact of black holes. Such black holes are also present inside humane beings as chakras.

Mother and Father conceive the daughter.

The mother births…..

The father births…..

The daughter births…..

Birthing is an evolving affair inside evolution.

At some time, there was a master stating:

Only when the humane being becomes born without pain, there will be peace on earth. Although I do not know his name, I say; He is right.

Therefore, it would be necessary to use all birth pains of the father, the mother, the daughter and the son. That means for me, now there is no more birth pain, moreover that this pain becomes used for birthing the own self into universal love.

“Our” sun is for this an example. Because inside the sun a fusion process happens, she radiates energetic/spiritual information into her aura. Humans can do this also!

Inside this aura, our earth is present, by her own self spiritual/material realm and the ones of plants, animals and humane beings with their auras. Here it is remarkable that this material reality of humane beings almost is identical with the sun! We are in material view “children” of our sun.

On the long run it will be so, by scientific knowledge, that the sun experiences herself how she will become attracted towards the inside of the black hole of our galaxy.

This I now state as a birth towards the inside.

By my vision is this now a birth into dark energy.

The impact of all so-called black holes base on attraction, drawing information to the inside. This is the basic impact inside spiritual universe. Where any resistance limits the speed of this process. These limits are in humane view these stored emotional pains.

Maybe it would be possible to perceive these limits inside the sun also as emotional pains of the sun.

Must the climate change on earth be seen also this way, where also all spiritual beings on earth are involved this way?

Anyhow, I can think this way, where such a possibility of thinking sensing and feeling is allowed inside spiritual universe. Possible it is, moreover is it a realm?

I experience the possibility of an attraction force towards the outside. Where the new humane being becomes attracted out of the womb and lands on earth. This birth towards the outside is common known as……….birth giving. Moreover, religions and business need buying identities. Otherwise, this business institution would not grow and religions would loose their power of numbers. Therefore is needed a traction and birthing as attraction.

Because I had a very special experience, long ago, I am enlarged for pointing out this procedure.

Instead of giving, there is a taking.

Evolution base on gorging and being gorged.

Therefore on taking and digesting for growth.

Also in spiritual view.

Now I experience an impact by birthing towards the inside, where an internal space is present as an internal “womb”. Here I must use a different word and say, this womb is an internal emptiness, which is not empty at all. It is not empty, moreover contains spiritual singular nourishment.

Such an emptiness is not present only inside a mother as a female humane human, moreover also inside a father as a male humane human. Now both can birth their selves by itself inside.

Therefore, an internal birth by the inner maleness and inner femaleness of any humane human happens. Now such an internal birth becomes by discovering their internal male- and femaleness inside both!

That means that the old emotional pains by birthing (stored in a DNA) now are this nourishment for a birth towards the inside.

Without nourishment, a birth cannot happen.

Emotionality is nourishment for feeling,

where feeling itself becomes mass.

Wombs or filled emptiness’s.

I know three of them. The personal-, the social- and the universal womb or filled emptiness’s.

The personal womb.

I have been present for nine months my motherly womb and survived there. I grew after my spiritual conception into a humane child-person and came on earth. The needed nourishment came direct form my humane mother and indirect from my humane father. This nourishment was of a spiritual/emotional/biological/genetic nature. By other words, I was nourished by an emotional nature, which base on any kind of gender war. Where logically are/were many differences present inside such wars.

Social womb.

I survived as an emotional person and personality with my genetic possibilities. The nourishment were the recognition and admiration for my achievements, moreover also punishments for my blunders.

This I did until I became so ca. 28 years of age. After this, I started a discovery journey. At some time, I wanted to discover universal love, what nothing had to do with any kind of religious belief. This was obvious for me. Where I also wondered that I began this discovery journey and asking why.

Inside the social womb is also valid: Gorging and being gorged or survival and death. This bipolar impact can be perceived inside all plants, all animals and all humane people. In some way, this was not enough for me. I wanted to relive and live something different as gender fights of any kind.

Universal womb.

By the principle of gorging and being gorged, there must at some time and in some way an end. I watch this as a fulfilment, because now there is no more need for gorging. For this there must be an organism, which cannot be gorged itself anymore.

I now mean that I can destine this organism as this universal feel organ.

This organism is like an internal emptiness, which is present beyond humane matter. Therefore, this feel organism does not …….matter any more.

This internal emptiness gorges all emotional pains of humane beings.

Self-experiences proof this.

Who does not experience this by him/her self, stay imprisoned in some kind of religious belief. He/she does not a self-confidence in love, however a self-confidence of admiration and recognition as a person and personality.

Which emotional pains are now present? Because when this is know, it becomes possible also to gorge them and to digest them, until self-fulfilment is attained. Therefore:

Mother - Daughter.

The Father is involved also……….

Any gender is entangled in a spiritual evolution, which happens inside spiritual universe. Now evolution is in fact the universal master. Spiritual universe masters by the spiritual evolution spiritual beings on earth. Where is principle base on gorging and on being gorged, where the strongest wins? By this view I must quasi realise that all bas here on taking and attraction. In spite, there are two directions of impact:

The impact towards the outside and to one towards the inside.

Therefore outvolution and involution,

inside evolution.

Mother - Daughter.

Father is involved……

This basic tree-combination is inside spiritual humanity present ever. It is for sure known that the genetic transfer clarifies that emotional pains become transferred by the female-womb. By this, the male-womb has its participation.

Any emotional pain appears by the impact of separation, of fission.

Now must be found the origin separation, in order to make possible a universal healing or becoming one in oneness.

Waking up…..

Long ago. I was married and went to sea in order to earn money and where I thought also to relive some adventure. My wife wanted a child and we went to work. “Normally”, as how I knew here, she hat breathing problems. After we did our job, of course with joy, she became pregnant and I watched this: Her breathing problems disappeared. This put me in astonishment and I presumed that this has something to do with liveliness inside her female body.

Now I say that the original separation is a split between man and woman, inner maleness and inner femaleness.


Maleness and femaleness are partners, where they can unite inside one being. I even say that the must in order that the inner bipolar spirit becomes in universal view onto a singular spirit.

After birth, we both discovered that her internal life brought a boy into the world. Some weeks after, her breathing problems appeared again.


The separation between mother-daughter-father is like a gender separation, now standing in focus.

Any separation appears by fighting, where healing is cause by love.

Fighting is an emotional affair, where I accepted four basic emotions. They merge themselves in any thinkable form and become experience this way.

By fighting, these emotions are:

Cold fear, cold anger, cold shame and cold sadness. Where this coldness is less a temperature, moreover is blocking of a flowing energy.

In love these emotions are:

Warm fear, warm anger, warm shame and warm sadness. Where the warmth is less a temperature, moreover is a less on blocking the flow of energy.

Warm feelings lead to soul fulfilment, which now can become retraced into the internal “emptiness” of a humane being.

Inside normal every day life is in this triangle of father/mother/child present ever envy and jealousy. This produces suffer, because a third partner does not belong to both partners.

When father and mother love each other active, the child should stay distanced.

When mother and child love each other active, the father should stay distanced

When father and child love each other active, the mother should stay distanced.

Now such a distanced feeling happens by the various intensities.

This is so inside survival, where now all pains and illnesses are caused by the different intensities. The cause of an illness is EVER the denial of a third one. Dementia is denial, has its origin!

Jealousy and envy has their impact in all spiritual/bodily organisms and systems. Where any emotional pain has its own story. Now the humane being can state; this is my pain and I AM sick. This now is a consciousness of illness.

Is the story known, this story can become changed and transformed. Where now the humane being will live a new story, even while reliving an old story.

A breath work with needed de-hypnotising impact and logical transformation of old energies now comes in focus.

Now partners experience a partner love inside a system of living life in love. Besides the old know language there is also a body language. Here it becomes possible to speak with the emotional pains, experience of what went wrong and what now has to be done. The male pain can tell his history and the female pain can tell her herstory. Pain-consciousness can speak, as well by the body as by sounds etc.

How many pain stories are speaking all over the globe by war of any kind?


Mothers child.

woman in cry for love

where is my man

my man

my man

inside of me somewhere

in vain

in vain

out there, no-where

man in state of love

where can I go

my wife

my wife

inside of me somewhere

in vain

in vain

out there, no-where

together same inside



I am myself inside

man and wife






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