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Uncertainty Isn't An Anomaly, It's A Disease That Needs Our Attention
Dec 25, 2023

Are you not tired of "I will do it tomorrow" only to be repeating the same phrase five days later which by some logic is still tomorrow.

I have been meaning to write an article for five days now and today the 25th, I am still on the same phrase that I started wondering if I am under curse or something.

Our attitude truly colors what we do. I have heard that there is no food for a lazy man and I can't separate my financial condition to my attitude to work.

I suspects that there must be connection with poverty of some people to their attitude to things relating to work.

For sure, you would have noticed that some people not lacking on the strength, skill or health needed to carryout certain duties deferrs them due to attitude they developed that became part and parcel of them.

Reactions to things determines our fate to certain things too. I have came to realized that posting skills, having the health to see off certain things is not enough to count ourselves good enough for any post. Reactions matters more than skill. Reaction is an action, skill and ability isn't.

Nothing even how fast one reacts to an event matters only, but that zeal to see an obligation through and mark it off. Many of us possess the ability of differing degrees and are able to see certain tasks off, but that is always where the successful differs from the struggling. Some of us are what we are today because of our attitude to assignments before us.

Tomorrow like they say never comes. This ideas of "I will do it tomorrow" doesn't work most of the time and that kind of utterances is reason most of us are what we are.

When some task is before you, it pays to see it through, follow it bumper to bumper that every day even if they are not accumulating. If you has a lot in our hand, maybe it would be intelligent to delegate or stop accepting any offer or whatever. The idea of differing what I will do today for tomorrow doesn't send good signal of us to observers and other interested parties.

As for me, I don't have any accumulated anything, don't lack the knowledge needed and yet, it is just to start which had been my problem as a person.

The idea of tackling my indecision I have seen is equal to the task of not seeing my assignment and tasks off. It's problem that needs attention of its own and the early we concert it to signal to work for our advantage the better for us. Tomorrow never comes.

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