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Transpersonal Business Studies

Apr 16, 2021
Joseph Evans
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Transpersonal business is one of the areas of transpersonal research considered by Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. We can say that this is a business in which the boundaries of the personal are erased and become something common with humanity, psychology and the cosmos.

How did transpersonal business studies come about?

Since Maslow was interested in psychology in management, this led him to apply transpersonal techniques in the business. Marsi Bukuvala continued his research in this area in 1999. She showed how transpersonal themes can be applied in practice. At the moment, transpersonal techniques are widely used in the fields of business, management, and the like. This is clearly shown in various modern literature on business, management and economics.

Management with the help of transpersonal psychology.

Schott, in his 1992 article, discussed how the research of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow can be used in management, leadership skills, and they relate to the fields of transpersonal psychology. These Schott studies also discussed Maslow’s “psychic managers”, who achieved self-realization in management, and why many people fail to achieve leadership positions. The discussion of why self-actualizes cannot achieve leadership positions is closely related to the transpersonal analysis of management, since the main idea in this field is that semi-ambiguity is considered the desired peak to achieve, but not self-realization. Further research will be conducted on this topic.

Practical application examples.

Cooper and Saurav, in their book on emotional intelligence, looked at the practical application of the transpersonal concept in business. They studied the state of consciousness of a person while working. Japanese business strategist Krichi Omske quotes this book as saying that business strategies are not just a thorough analysis of structures, but a creative and individual process. Also, a striking example is the work of Jean Henri. Her well-known book on the role of intuition in business includes how prayer can be used by employees to make decisions. Mirowski and Rossom collected concrete empirical data in 2007, exploring an important part of transpersonal psychology — creativity. “Creativity has such a strong link to health that it exceeds education and household income.”

An example of a driven interaction between spirituality and business is Islamic banking. This is a banking practice that combines the spiritual values of Islam and the best banking practices. Thanks to this, the assets of Islamic banks increased by 80% at the time of 2004.

Transpersonal business action or ear action research.

The latest publication on transpersonal psychology is the International Journal of Transformational Research, published in 2014 by Maria Rochelle. It describes a newly developed approach to transpersonal action-the “embodied action research” ear. The main purpose of this study is to understand and analyze business and leadership through a sensory approach.

Critical field.

Since many people do not know what transpersonal business and management are, these areas are treated with contempt. But this is a new time, a future that is rapidly coming and you need to accept it.

Joseph Evans
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