Time Is Money Utilize Yours
Jun 27, 2023

Time is my number one enemy. What we hear almost every day is voiced out openly or implied by many.
It’s an assumption many hold to be true while many others doubt if it has that influence on us if we don’t allow it. There’s no doubt that it flies when you have a project you focused on. You will be surprised how a day runs out without you achieving
any meaningful progress. To think that almost everyone seems to recall as if yesterday what we did this same time last year lends to the assumption that time flies and when free and occupied with one project or the other, a day flies not run.

Yet, those in prison have a different story to the claim. Entirely different from the assumption of the project runners outside. To them, time crawls. A day takes an eternity to crawl out and five years sentence looks like fifteen years to he inside. The reality there must be in what is occupying one’s time each day.
To both, time is the number one enemy for different reasons. The fact is one thing, each day has 24 hours in it for everyone anywhere and how we manage ours will tell whether it’s viewed as a positive or negative enemy for it’s hard to call it a friend. Only few in history has done that.
Since it is an enemy, the best move for us is to call it what it is and treat it like one. Enemy. According to the Chinese philosopher, one should know himself and know his enemy. If you know yourself, and your enemy, you will know your capabilities and that of your enemy, and only then can you plan intelligently with knowledge at your disposal on how to battle the enemy successfully to stand still. If you don’t know yourself, how can you tackle the enemy you know nothing about how to handle?
It will continue to be ahead of you each day. Whether you are a project runner, inmate, housewife, or student, allocation of your time smartly each day is the only way you will force the enemy to be your friend or worse work for you. As the Chinese said, you need to get closer to your enemy while being close to your friends. It sounds crazy, that advice but it’s the only way you will know what they have in stock for you and how to encounter each of their moves.
Achieving such a feat warrants knowing oneself well and having knowledge of the human being both friends and enemies or else present oneself stupidly on a platter which is tantamount to committing suicide.

Anyone that got rich through buying and selling is a person that has commendable knowledge of time and makes it work for him each day. Check out all the rich and poor people around you, you know, the difference is not always on an opportunity or what many call luck, it’s mainly on time. It’s money. Luck, meet people who know how to court and count it. Its knowledge of time and yourself will station you where luck will find you.
Smart work is not complicated. Working smartly means working with knowledge of what you do and time. On the other way around, knowing yourself and your enemy is only where luck will see you and look your way.

Luck or opportunity is not a vagabond, never a drifter. It has a base, schedules it keeps to and appointments it never shies away from whether you are aware of his coming or not.
It flies not walk and even when we are at the right place at the wrong time, you get lucky as the saying goes but the thing Is that it is not a drifter, it knows where it is going and who it has appointments with. It operates like a thief, it comes when least expected.
What percentage of vagabonds have you seen, or read anywhere that became lucky just for wandering?

Maybe 2%. That should be enough reason to believe that birds of the same feathers flock together. You will need to avoid hoping for luck to find you, need to avoid not having even a temporary address, and base for luck is not a wanderer as I have told you. It has numbered address. Its sign of legality and maturity. It’s Money.

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