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Nov 2, 2020

In Indian palmistry, the thumb is called the soul of a person’s hand, it symbolises the will and mental state of the person. The thumb is the only part of the palm by which the entire character, nature and personality of a person can be understood. Also, it is found in the hands of each person separately, that is why your thumb impression is taken in important documents and in many government functions because it does not match any person in the world. You can guess from the fact that how ancient and clear the palmistry is.

To know more about the thumb, it is necessary to understand it in different parts, so we will consider the thumb in the following order:

1. Thumb Angle

2. Thumb Position

3. Thumb Length

4. Softness and hardness of the thumb

5. Thumb Texture (Size - Type)

6. Length of both ends

Angle of thumb:

1. If it is less than 90 degrees -

adjustable nature

Changes according to occasion

liberal nature


low ego


Family Obedience

2. If the angle is 90 degrees -

balanced nature

man of his words



strong will power



3. If the angle is more than 90 degrees, then -


free thoughts

dominate others

ruling nature

rule breaker

Position of the Thumb:

The thumb on the palm is found in two positions. Height is considered to be in the position when it is more proximal to the first finger and lowering of the thumb means that it is more established towards the origin of the palm (Venus).

● If the thumb is low then the person is very generous in spending and the person has good leadership ability and if the thumb is high then the person does not have good ability to manage and such person has been seen as a miser.

Thumb length: The thumb reaching half of the third knuckle of the index finger has been considered normal size. The second type of thumb is one that reaches lower than normal in the index finger and is called the small thumb. The third category is the big thumb, which is larger than normal.

1. A normal-sized thumb is the hallmark of the developing brain. Such a person remains balanced and has an understanding of good and bad.

2. The small thumb is the introduction of the less developed brain than normal and such a person indulges in basic tendencies. He is not able to rise above hunger, thirst, work, anger etc. and remains entangled in life.

3. A longer thumb than normal creates a desire for power in a person, such a person is influential and highly critical.

Thumb tenderness and hardness:

1. A rigid and no backward thumb makes a person stubborn, strong-willed, stingy, not to express his feelings. Such people work according to their own principles and do not have the temperament to adapt to any new circumstances or the nature of adapting to any person.

2. In contrast, the flexible and backward thumb makes the person expensive, accommodating, according to the circumstances and expresses his feelings.

Note: A more rigid and more flexible thumb is not considered auspicious. To a extent it is considered good because nothing gives very good results.

Thumb Type:

1. Thumb in the thumb - stubborn, idealistic, promising

2. Sword and thumb - tolerant, intelligent, good decision power

3. Thumb in the bow - open minded, new thinking, independent

4. Thumb bow and thumb - Polite, very generous, weak-willed

5. Lotus-like petals - hotheaded, revengeful, extremely stubborn, cynical, obsessed with killing someone

Thumb Feast:

Long: General intelligence and will, high thoughts.

Too long: Excess of anger, aggression, intense will, excess of ambition.

Small: Lack of willpower and ambition, nature to reduce the use of innate intelligence.

Too small: Weak will and little use of discretion or intelligence.

Second : Reveals logic, intelligence, thinking and conscience.

If on another

If they are taller than the first festival, then these qualities will be more than ordinary and much longer. If the second festival is less thick or thin than the one above and below and it appears when you see the thumb, then it shows the person to be very tactful and diplomat-like.

Third festival: If the thumb is small and this festival is long, then such a person suffers loss due to loss of control over his sensuality and senses. This festival is especially a symbol of the person’s sexual.

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