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Aug 23, 2023

The event love relationship is between a boy and a girl. So it is clear that the event of love cannot be manifested by only one person, it requires two participants and willingly they activate the event of love in their destiny with each other.

If there is a break up in love relationship and after studying ONE OF THE HOROSCOPE say for example of the boy and find that his destiny show success in love after hurdles, DO NOT GUARANTEE that he will gain back his love which got broken due to misunderstanding.

Its because the event is between the boy and the girl and we have studied only the boy’s horoscope and not the girl’s. The girl’s willing full participation is very important. If the girl’s destiny the event as per her horoscope, then even if the boy’s horoscope shows love success after hurdles, WILL NOT HAPPEN.

As destiny has promised in his horoscope, so the boy will be successful in love relationship after much hurdle, WITH ANOTHER GIRL.

If the boy has got the birth details of the girl and after studying if it is found in the girl’s horoscope that the relationship break-up is temporary, then when the bad periods end ( pertaining to love relationship ) then perhaps the boy CAN APPROACH THE GIRL AGAIN and win her back.

In this case also there is no guarantee if the boy will be 100% successful, because if the girls has already deleted the boy from her life after the relation break-up then the GIRL WILL HAVE LOVE RELATIONSHIP BUT WITH ANOTHER BOY.

One need to understand that astrology is not black magic that one can get thing done as per their wishes. It is a science / knowledge thru which one can know about past, present and future of a person.

By knowing about the destiny in advance, one can preplan their plan of action for their future.

It is like getting a tsunami ( flood by the sea ) alert, we can not stop tsunami but we can take our family out of the home to a safer place and save them.

In the same way astrology can forecast about events, it is we how we make our plans to counter it there by minimizing the negative impact of it. ( mind it minimizing it and CANNOT REMOVE IT ).

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