Mar 18, 2021


In the modern world, discussions between theologians and scientists on the subject of angels seem to be something out of the genre of fiction. During the Newtonian-Cartesian industrial age, the very concept of an angel was something shameful for society. In the churches of the seventeenth century, angels were depicted as plump children with ruddy face and good-natured eyes. At the same time, science and religion began to go separately, where the former took the universe for itself, and the latter-lonely and secretive souls.

Angels play a fundamental role in religion. Without recognition of their existence, it is difficult to imagine ecumenism and inter-religious promotion among Buddhism, Judaism and other world religions. Angels help us to cope with various life difficulties, such as an environmental crisis, for example, put us on the true, righteous path. They do this because they care about the ecological state of our planet, the surrounding world, which was so clean and beautiful when it was created. So we have to go back to our spiritual tradition to find information about angels and align it with evolutionary cosmology. This is done to create a future that will have sufficient energy efforts to study consciousness on Earth and beyond. To help you understand the spiritual traditions, we want to ask for information from three Western figures who are closely associated with the angels: Dionysius the Areopagite, a Syrian monk of the sixth century; St. Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher-theologian of the thirteenth century and also Hildegard of Bingen, a German abbess of the twelfth century.

Now let’s look at some information about each of these three largest monks. Dionysius the Areopagite did an incredible thing, combining several currents of Neoplatonic philosophy while being a Christian. The works of Dionysus also figured in the work of Thomas Aquinas, who was able to combine all the knowledge about angels. This work also includes the views of Aristotle, Averroes, and the Bible. Hildegard of Bingen used her visionary experience with the angelic realms in her writings. These three Western thinkers made a huge contribution to the development of angelology, which is still considered relevant in the modern world.


Angels are powerful, understanding, deep-thinking beings who are experts in the field of intuition. It is also believed that the angels are the friends of the prophets. This is a very useful quality since the prophets are now needed absolutely everywhere. Angels have many cosmic tasks that they must perform. The main thing is praise since this is an important difference between a demon and an angel.

These holy beings are our life mates, our friends. They support us and help us in difficult times, energize us and make us move forward no matter what. As Thomas Aquinas said: “We do the works of God together with the holy angels”. Angels bring joy to our human world and motivate us to become the best version of ourselves. In the Middle Ages, people believed that the heavens and the cosmos were alive, that they were inhabited by various holy beings. Hence the phrase “Our Father who art in heaven”. Unfortunately, now many believers do not know the origin of this phrase.

But people didn’t always think that way. People of those times truly believed that God is Omnipresent and is absolutely everywhere, both on earth and in space. For example, in Greece and Rome, everyone deeply believed in the existence of angels, which were an integral part of cosmology. But the question that follows is: can we trust the cosmos? What do you think?

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