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Their Faith Are Tested Inside Northern Bushes

May 1, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
Reading time 3 min.

Do something worth while each day is advice meant well in good faith. But most of us has dirty mind that we can't resist the temptation of twisting anything good to evil.
I has this nonsense evil guy as a neighbor who special in turning things clean to dirt, positives to negatives. He is one of those wizards in evil sector multipling each day.
He will send me to spiritual sleep with occult powers to attach what I don’t know. What he tends to achieve through those duty he views as religious each day, I don’t know or these days care a hoot. I felt he in his shallow minded way is trying to turn me into something else just like those in his abode.

He kept trying to initiate me into cults I really don’t know how he himself managed to come in contact with them all in the first place.
Ever heard of black man trying to help who doesn’t need help or requested for one from him. But that is what he is into each day, he was in the gig of meeting commitment on me each day. He called that. Help. But I think he felt it is his way of ensuring his own security. You that type of “ Not only me” bullshit.

Those terrorist from the northern part are in the habit of keeping their captives inside the forest while negotiating for their release with families and federal government. Unfortunately, when ever there is Christians and priest among the captured, story from the bush always end up in negative, in bad news. Shooting or hanging some on a tree. Reason?- I don’t know like many but only the one coming from the captured kidnappers. These days, you can be sure of what is coming out of their mouths. Some are cowards while some are tortoise. Hard to tell one from the other.

“They were preaching to us Jesus and we warned them severally to stop that  we are Muslims, but they continued”

The priests from this side of the divide are mostly in the class of their own too. I have tried in numerous ways to imagine those dead priest and willing to see their faces to judge without qualms after comparing them with their colleagues here in this side of the divide. Preaching in hours of fear? Old school that has gone out of stock.
Maybe 0.01 percent of them from here will dare to go that route in their hour of fear. Those were those holy book were talking of when it said: many are called but few chosen. Some call me father, father but on the last day, I will tell them to keep far away from me for I know them not.

They are the servants of the northern Muslim leaders some priest are serving, listening to a Muslim leader more than the catholic leaders. Do you think such crop of priest will even in their hours of fear have the gut to look their captors in the eyes?—I tell you, I don’t care that much but if you insist in my answer, I don’t think it will ever happen. I mean these group here are swimming in money ideas, power ideas and control ideas only. So, how do you expect to take such risk for WHO?
Will you leave all those goodies to preach Christ to an agent of death inside bush if you are in their shoe? Such is what differentiate them before man and am sure do before God too after all, the holy book made it clear that what we condemn on earth is condemned in heaven and what we forgive here is forgiven in heaven.

For sure, it can’t be everyone doing this forgiven and binding. You must meet some requirement.
The guy that send me to sleep each day works for those priests and officers alike. In fact, he works for everyone including the president himself. FUNNY How most in this country is being tele guided into actions from far east. You see a bit where I am heading? Some one with such freedom, ability and wealth gotten from stolen money doesn’t preach Christ to kidnappers inside bush. With different faith, with guns and asking for millions.
Birds of the same faith flocks together that is how I view this guy's actions each day and I never failed to see those that he works with in them in the same light.

A man can not claim to be good in one department while continue getting it highly wrong in another as Gandhi of India rightly pointed out. You keep impoverishing some people while free some from shackles of poverty. It’s confusing.

  Good for goose? Must be good for gender too.

Doing something good each shouldn’t be for some people or special some people but inculcated character in each of us.

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