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The Ultimate Guide to Purchase a 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter for Elderly

Oct 30, 2019
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When you think about buying a mobility scooter for the elderly, it is common knowledge that the four-wheel will do a lot better by offering the stability the user needs. However, there are many other aspects and features to look into when purchasing a scooter for the aged.

Following are the definitive methods, you should keep in mind to buy the right scooter for the elderly. As you are about to learn, the best scooter will depend on your individual needs.

You may not buy the same model as your friend because your needs will vary, making the product inconvenient for your daily use.

Here are the factors that determine the type and model of a four-wheel scooter to buy for the elderly.

1. Comfort when Using the Scooter

The main problem most of the older adults face is maintaining balance; you should, therefore, consider this when buying a scooter for them. The ideal 4-wheel mobility scooter for the elderly needs to be comfortable and stable when in use.

Speaking of comfort, look for a scooter that can well accommodate the user in the upright position when seated. It is essential to mind the height of the patient so that the scooter can hold their legs correctly. For a better experience, you can buy one with an adjustable seat.

2. Scooter Usage Environment and Conditions

The seniors who cannot walk for long distances need a way to move around, and a mobility scooter is sufficient to help them. Different models of scooters are designed to facilitate movements in various places. It is best to consider where the person will spend most of the time when buying a mobility scooter for them.

For outdoor activities, you need a more stable machine that can maneuver through the rugged roads with ease. A scooter with larger rear wheels will do better outside to help the elderly maintain their balance when moving along the sloppy and rough roads.

However, for indoor usage, you may need to consider a smaller mobility scooter. A smaller scooter facilitates movements indoors, around the narrow corners in the house, and on the pavement. Front-wheel driven mobility scooters are also ideal for indoor use because they will need less power to operate.

3. Mobility Scooter Portability

The portability also depends on where you intend to use the scooter. Instead of driving or pushing the scooter everywhere, you can carry it out when taking the elderly for an outdoor adventure. Many people prefer a foldable mobility scooter for easier portability. However, with the modern scooter lifts, you can easily mount your mobility scooter on the car when packing for outdoor activities.

4. Scooter Battery Power

Either a 12V or 24V battery power mobility scooter, the front-wheel powered indoor scooter uses a 12V battery, which is sufficient because you can charge it any time in the homestead. The outdoor mobility scooter requires more power to help you go through the rough roads and last longer when far from home.

The most important thing to look at on an outdoor mobility scooter is how long the battery can last before it requires a recharge. It is safe to look around for a scooter that has long-lasting battery accompanied by a matching warranty.

Modern mobility scooters also have extra battery compartments where you can add a battery. The extra battery on a four-wheeled scooter can help you to go for a longer distance or duration before recharging. However, you cannot attain a higher speed by adding a battery to your scooter.

Remember that the batteries are meant to be charged and discharged. Their lifetime may vary between 12 and 18 months. After the duration, you may have to replace the battery.

5. Scooter Controls

The seniors need a mobility scooter that they can control with ease. As we grow older, our hands and feet do not have enough strength to fiddle with the controls and braking system.

Thus buying a vehicle that is easy to operate would make older adult’s work easier and reduces their worries.

Mobility scooters with Delta tillers are the best option for the elderly. They can operate the scooter efficiently with minimum effort. Apart from the old, these scooters can also serve people who have weak hands or single-handed.

Summing It Up

Buying a mobility scooter for the elderly is easy. Once you have chosen the right product with the desired specifications, ensure that you get a warranty cover to ensure that it is top quality. You may also want to consider if the 4-wheel mobility scooter you choose has accessory features to enhance the user’s experience.

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