December 10

The two types of altars in Santeria

Orisha Altars

The Orisha altar is normally in the house of worship (casa templo) which is normally where the Santería priest/priestess also known as (santero or santera) would live it would be a room in their house that would be private to people other than the practitioner of that temple, This altar is for the orisha, These altars are considered to be expensive and time-consuming. Blessed items and relevant items to the orisha are placed on the altar, it is also possible for practitioners to have altars to specific orisha in their own home. These altars typically have porcelain vessels, often tureens, which contain various sacred items, most notably the otán stones, These Stone are regarded as both containing and representing the oricha the stones are treated as being alive they are one of the highest regarded tools in santeria.

Spirit Altars

The Spirit altar is one that you can find in almost any Practitioners home this altar is set up with white laces or fabric With Family photos, Heirlooms, candles to honor their family ancestors these altars are more personal than being particular

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