The Role Of Parents In Children’s Mental Health
Sep 18, 2023

Salsabila Faraswati
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The important role of parents in maintaining children’s mental health. Most children have an introverted or quiet nature. As parents, we need to be more empathetic to our children and be open about the problems our children face. Because not all children will open up or start chatting with their parents. The things we have to do as parents, especially today’s children and teenagers, are completely different from the past. Provide space for children so that they are willing to share their complaints and concerns with their parents.

Sometimes parents and children have opposing opinions, but from this point of view we as parents first listen to the child’s opinion even if it does not match the parents’ wishes. The response we give to our children needs to look good in front of them, because the children feel that we as parents understand what they are feeling.

In order for the child to accept a different opinion from the parents, it needs to be discussed carefully without feeling emotional. Children will understand their parents’ opinions even if they don’t apply them 100% to themselves. Sometimes children want to have their own privacy, which parents do not understand. Of course, this makes children feel unappreciated by their parents and unreliable. We as parents need to have boundaries that have been set by our children.

Talking heart to heart with your child about their mental health condition is the first step that parents need to take. Besides that, ask your children how they feel to show that they don’t feel alone and that parents care about their health. Find time to do activities that can reduce your child’s mental health, such as inviting your child to go on holiday or just going out and chatting casually, supporting hobbies that your child likes, exercising to calm your body and mind.

This shows that parents care and provide support to children, so that they feel comfortable and calm.

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