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The Power of Faith
Dec 13, 2020

In these times , or any time really - we need to feel something that convinces us we are not alone. That we are connected, protected, and more than this skin and bone suit we are borrowing for this lifetime.

Listen - one should dream a little. Expand the realm of what is and what could be right there in front of us , waiting for a way to say something. Numbers are excellent and definitely convince me that repeat numbers do really signify a message from above.

But..TAROT-alone, creates a middleman. An illustrated symbolic material landscape of interpretation.

I absolutely believe that our subconscious forms our opinion and reaction to a card that shows up at the present time.

Now, if we first ask, ceremoniously I should add-that our ancestors, angels, spirit guides and perhaps someone you regard as important that has passed on, OR source itself. The force that lays beneath all matter and in the microcosm-our little lfe and its questions.

Pick up a deck, or reach out to me and get some clarity. Some aha moments, and some insight at the very least.

If we can, we should connect with others, and with the angels and spirit guides that you now are there.

Let’s talk !


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