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The Pear of True Sight
Jul 23, 2021

Reading time 10 min.

There is a Pear of True Sight: Take a Bite!

My Central Thesis: There really isn't much to do spiritually with other people.

I have found that the vast majority of other Spiritual people are completely useless because of their purposeful lack of vision.

As it says in the first words of the Kybalion "The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ear of understanding".

People say they love the world and are caring and compassionate and super super spiritual. And, to those same people I ask them a simple question: Are you Vegan?

Not that everyone is supposed to be or capable of being vegan. Changing your diet is not the issue, but the question itself "Are you Vegan?" IS the issue for consideration. If you are NOT Vegan, then you are okay with the suffering of animals in order to satiate your hedonistic love for flesh. Pain suffering and death are created just for our dietary salacious appetites.

The point I'm making is beyond veganism though. The point I'm making is, how much of the world has to suffer? How much do we have to suffer through self-inflicted torture just for a series of temporary pleasures like our dietary preference for meat? When we inflict pain and suffering on other beings, we are still hurting ourselves even if we conveniently hide this suffering behind the store front of a butcher shop.

Hardly anyone is willing to give up the things they enjoy maladaptively for the greater good or even for their own personal well being, and generally Spiritual people are the worst in this regard. Spiritual people are the worst in this regard because they know better through their spirituality and still purposefully chose to ignore this issue.

You can eat animals, I don't care. But what I do care about, is people being aware that eating other sentient beings will literally stop you from getting close to enlightenment and will close off all manor of spiritual paths to you because you will have to be closing off and compartmentalizing your heart chakra. You will have to convince yourself that causing the suffering of other sentient beings is okay because it bring you pleasure. You will have to be okay with the fact that you are turning your back on the torture and slaughter of animals and trying to feign ignorance about what really goes on on farms and slaughter houses so you can enjoy your daily ration of pain and suffering meat bricks and liquid torture milk products.

In this compartmentalization of the heart, we find what is wrong with society. Our global mantra is : "causing the suffering of others is okay and justified as long as you do it in the right context". You have to accept this to some extent because as it is now, your very existence causes the suffering of others in some shape way or form just because you need resources to exist. There is no way around this.

The problem is NOT that we cause the suffering. The Problem is that we are not willing to fully SEE the suffering we are causing in order to not deal with our own guilt towards what was has to continue to happen just so we can live and exist. We personally Cause the suffering of Others, be okay with that. Suffering is apart of life and there is nothing wrong with that. We cause suffering and that is okay. By not seeing that we Personally cause Suffering and are apart of the global suffering through our small contribution: By ignoring the sight and taste of the badness that we personally cause, that is what is actually wrong with the world. Do not worry about the suffering that we cause, but instead worry about the suffering that we CHOOSE not to see.

You can still be okay with the slaughter and killing of animals and eating them if you do not deny these things. The heart chakra is not about compassionate acts, but about viewing the world compassionately. Even if you are responsible for killing these animals but still view it 100% the way it truly is without trying to diminish what is actually going on, then there is no problem with the heart chakra. As long you don't compartmentalize and lie to yourself about what is really going on to give you animal meat, then there is no problem.

"View the World through the Lens of Love and Compassion" is the saying of the heart chakra with word "View" being very important. It says to "View" the world and not necessarily to do anything about it or to take any sort of action. In fact we might not even have to do anything at all to the world as long as we view it properly the way it actually is. Perhaps if we see the world properly perhaps one day we can take proper action, but for now focus now only on the proper viewing of it.

If we see the world the way it actually is we will appropriately see our own role in this world. Society lives in a permanent state of Collective Delusion: we are apart of this Global Delusion. We must understand our role in this delusion and accept it fully without bias or preference. We play our own role here, for better or for worse, and we just have to accept it and accept it fully.

So, Problem 1 with other Spiritual People. They don't want to view the world the way it really is. Before action, before learning, before self-healing, and before anything else: people have to view the world and the way they are, the way it really is. Because of the interconnectedness of society we ourselves are contributing to this shitty world simply by existing in our own shitty ways. We are all apart of the toxicity of this world in some shape way or form. But, like a carbon foot print's impact on the ecosystem, all we can realistically do is minimize our own levels of toxicity that we ourselves put out into the world. We need Toxicity-Neutral, or preferably Toxicity-Lower, ways of living.

We will all always be toxic. There will always be some toxicity to us and someone will always dislike us because of our own portion of suffering that we put into the world, and that's fine. Just like suffering is of the nature of this existence so is the toxicity that we put out. Suffering and toxicity are requirements to even exist and survive in this 3d world.

Like I said, people don't want to admit that their own life-poop stinks. All we can really do is try to minimize our own Toxic-Footprint on this world. There is a type of "Toxic Carrying Capacity" that the world has, and all we can really do is try to stay below our personal Toxic-Carrying-Capacity. Toxic-Carrying-Capacity and Pollution-Carrying-Capacity are the Ying and Yang of this world's future and directly related to Climate Change and Pollution. If we begin to correct our inner Toxic Lives and Heal so will the outer world also begin to Heal in terms of ecosystem health. The world is Externally Polluted because we are Internally Polluted. Self-Work on a large enough scale will naturally lead to External Work towards the Pollution and Climate Change Problem.

Pointing out that there is climate change and that we will all Fry in the a hot Ozoneless Oven of this Planet does nothing. These warning do nothing to change the Environment because the External Does not Change the Internal since we collectively are not ready. The Lips of Wisdom Speak only to the Ears Ready to Listen, and collectively we are not ready to listen, and no scientific warnings can make us internally ready to listen. Only though self-work will our Ears be ready to hear the wisdom all around us.

Back to the Toxic Foot Print: If others want to also lower their own Toxic-Footprint that is their own choice and has nothing to do with anyone else. There is no "greater-good" to contribute to, there is only what you personally want to do.

If others chose or can't be less toxic, there is no judgement or pity to pass on them. Everybody wants to do the greater good, but often they just can't. Either they are not ready internally or the outside world just pushes on them too hard for them to be able to do these types of good deeds for the world properly. The World is Already acting as Ethically and as Compassionately as it possibly can right now. There is no higher Maximum Global Compassion to reach right now, we are at the Maximum given peoples internal-lives and external pressures. The world is already doing the best that it can in terms of compassion right now. And, I remind you that Compassion is not Actions Taken but viewing things properly the way they actually are. The World is Seeing only what is currently Capable of Seeing.

As it says in the first words of the Kybalion "The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ear of understanding". The World does not have the ears ready to listen, so it cannot hear the wisdom. There, is no way to force this. Being ready to see and listen to things properly is a personal journey that no one else can externally do anything about. The Entire World is a reflection of our Collective Inner Lives, and if the External World is Shit it is because Collectively our Internal Lives are Shit. The External World and the External Levels of Compassion we see in society are an Averaging of our Internal-Worlds.

Like, I said all we can really do is work on ourselves and hopefully bring down this Average of Suffering. As it is said "The Inner is the Outer, The Outer is the Inner". The Division Between the Inner and Outer World: there is no Division. That Division is simply an illusion but the Division is still very Real to us because no matter what we do, we are still stuck in an existence of Duality. The illusion of Duality maybe only an Illusion but it's real enough to us in this existence to matter to us. However, if you wish to impact the outside world, all you can really do is impact yourself internally. Through work on your own inner world, you will impact the outer world Because you ARE the Outer World. And, the converse is also true the Outer World is also our inner world, but hopefully the part of the Outer World that impacts us the most is more things related to Mother Nature and less about those things in External-Toxic-Society.

So the question for clear reflection is: Are you Vegan or are you Not Vegan? Not so you will necessarily change your diet but so you can reflect on the types of things that you do to this world. Chances are however, that if you eat meat at every single meal, your toxicity-foot print is way way bigger than it has to be and you are bringing more suffering to this world than there has to be through the animals. Collectively, not just from meat eating but from other hedonistic short lived behaviors as well, is how we bring society and the world down a notch.

Our current modern lives are practically designed to destroy this world and designed to bring down the global vibrations. Going against the grain and going against the mold that society is constantly putting pressure on us to adhere to is so difficult that even the vast vast majority of awake spiritual people can't ever realistically hope to fight it.

This has been my observation and why I gave up working with others. There is just nothing you can realistically do, except work on your own Toxicity-Footprint. It's pointless to think or worry about what everyone else is doing. Don't worry about how others are still contributing to the global-toxicity more than they should because there is nothing you can do about it: this is the flaw of the Social Justice Warrior. All you can really do is worry about your own actions, your own spiritual journey, and what you personally do. In the grand scheme of the world it probably wont make a big difference, but it will make a difference to you.

So again I ask, are you Vegan? When I ask people why they are not vegan, they say "because I like sausage too much and meat is too tasty". And, that's why the world has to suffer: short sighted toxic behaviors are just too pleasurable. Contributing to this world's toxicity is just too easy. Being shitty to others is just the way to go. Being shitty is actually necessary most of the time for your own personal survival. To survive you must forcefully take from others, through economics, what you need to just eat and shelter and food and water. Basically to survive we must essentially hold each other hostage with our money and the threat of withholding these survival tokens from you unless you trade me the goods for my own life and survival. We live in an adversarial toxic economic system and there is no way around it.

Right now the way world is, our entire economy, operates not on a currency of monies but on a currency of toxicities. Those who gain the most wealth and attain the easiest of lives in terms of materialism are the biggest of the assholes. But, they are not people to envy. They might have many things, but they poisoned themselves to get those items and to get that financial security within our economies of pain, torture, and pointless ego tripping and stealing others energy and wage-slavery. All those things have a karmic-price and it's not worth it.

So like I said, even Spiritual People don't want to see the world it really is. So, any future of working together for a better world is pretty hopeless if we even are not really willing to see what is right before us.

Now, I say that working with Others is rather hopeless, but not that the Entire Current Situation is Hopeless. There is so little to seek out and learn form other people. And, to the contrary there is much more to learn from everything else around us that is NOT "people".

Don't forget to Analyze the world for what it really is.

I wont get too deep into what Nature has to offer us in terms of Wisdom aside from a few notes. Our real teacher is Nature and Goddess Gaia and the animals which were gifts from God put here to teach us lessons and share with us their animal-wisdom and different ways of Being. For now I'll just leave my related thoughts on The Importance of the Wind Element:

Element of  Wind 

Listen to the Wind
Listen to the Breeze
Listen to the Notes in the Leaves
for they have 
Our Inner Wisdom on Them

The melody of nature
The tune of the song birds
The passing of time

They speak to us the song 
The song of our quiet 
Silent Inner Development

She's been waiting for you 
Just to be ready
to Listen
this whole time 

Who we are to become 
is already out in Nature

In the Leaves
Flowing over the pond in ripples
As a Jasmine scent floating in the air
and over the water imitating its shape
opposite the ripples
It is the Wind 

We are the Wind 
We listen to Ourselves in the Breeze
So we can become Ourselves 

Our fully developed Inner Self
Is already Out There in Nature

Listen to the Wind
Listen to the Breeze
Listen to the Notes in the Leaves
for we ARE our Inner Wisdom

We are both Becoming
and also ARE
The Wind. 

We just spent all this time
Foolishly not listening to Ourselves

We are the Wind
Listen to our own 
Inner Wisdom in the Wind.
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