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The Joy of Simple Pleasures
Jan 24, 2021

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In the fast-paced world that we live in, we all need to experience the joys of simple pleasures. It can be a great stress-reliever to take a few moments to enjoy the sensory pleasure of the beauty around us. Here are a few simple pleasures that you should experience at least once in your lifetime, but as often as possible.

\* Smell freshly cut grass. This activity is a pleasure to the senses. It causes the feeling that summer has arrived and brings you back to nature.

\* Walk in the rain. Do this once and you will begin to make plans for another every time you see the forecast calling for rain. It is a beautiful feeling to have the rain against your face and soak you to the core as you get outside for a stroll. Jump in a few puddles while you’re at it.

\* Have a candlelit bubble bath. This enhances your feelings of sensuality. It brings you back to the basic pleasures of treating yourself gently and with care. Everyone deserves to feel this way.

\* Watch the sunrise. Whether you stay up all night to watch this happen or simply wake up early enough to see it, make this an occasional part of your schedule. It is amazing to view.

\* Swim in the ocean. Pools are fun, but swimming in the ocean feels like the way it is truly supposed to be. Even if you are doing more playing than swimming, it is a special feeling to splash around in the beauty of the ocean.

\* Blast and sing your favorite song alone in the car. Don’t try this with other people, though, because it will be difficult to feel free enough and you risk annoying everyone. When you are driving alone, turn up your favorite song and sing like you are Whitney Houston.

\* Have a dance party with disco lights. Whether you are doing this with your family or alone, there is no feeling like putting on a disco ball and having a dance party at home. This is where you can be free to explore all your cheesy or funky dance moves to a variety of music.

\* Wake up without an alarm clock. Many of us are constantly waking up early to get ready for jobs and extracurricular activities. Make sure you get at least a few mornings per month to sleep in and wake up when your body tells you to.

\* Choose the extra-large size. We are constantly telling ourselves to make healthy decisions. If you are someone who chooses the small milkshake and refrains from the big ones, give yourself one opportunity to make the switch. This is not something you should make a habit of, but it certainly feels satisfying to do at least once.

\* Have a wrapping paper fight. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or Christmas, scrunch up all the wrapping paper and have a fight. This is a crazy little game that is fun enough to end up becoming a yearly tradition.

\* Make a snow angel. This is not just for kids. If you live in a climate that is suitable for this activity, put on your snow pants and get to it. You will love how it feels to look at your completed snow angel and know that you created it.

Life is full of stress. It is time to have some fun and take joy in the simple things in life. Use these ideas to give you a head start in the direction of simple, joyful living. Remember, Live Your Full Life! 🦋

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