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The Dangers of the Vegan Diet: Danger to Modern Society NOT YOU!

Jul 23, 2021
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The Dangers of the Vegan Diet: Danger to Modern Society NOT YOU!

There is a divide that modern “logical society” has created within us to find "empirical" sources for all our justifications. There is a split in humanity now through the sciences to mistrust our internal morality and personal experiences. Instead everyone wants to have some sort of authority figure or "source" to cite upon which they can build a structure of reasoning and justifications for their reasoning. The very structure of this thought architecture is actually quite disastrous to our very being and causes us to ignore the most important realizations about ourselves as we are too muddled and distracted by comparisons and divisions instead of synth-thesis.

What reasoning do you need aside from yourself to know that you probably should not eat animals? If we spent enough time alongside them we would be TOO Familiar to eat them because we would have attachment and compassion towards them. Feelings would spring up no matter how much we tried to deny them. Not that we cannot overcome these feelings with cold hard divisive logic, but the feelings will simply be there but now just suppressed against our truer natures.

The only thing enabling us to Eat Them is the artificial separation between us and Them created by the Logistics and Separation of the Supermarket and that Someone-Else is paid to be in close proximity to the animals to rear and raise them for us so we never have to opportunity to get too emotionally attached.

In this way we pay someone else to properly distance us from our own murder and cruelty towards them. Then we have the easier task of suppressing that inner voice inside us that still says it's wrong to consume them, but that voice is far far easier to quell than to destroy all of the attachments we would have potentially made had we raised our own livestock.

That inner caring voice is very easily quieted by our deference to outside authority that makes justifications for why it is okay to have this cruel system so that we too can engage in the cruelty and shovel mouthfuls of suffering into our mouths, to satisfy our hedonistic lust for flesh. But why do we even have this Lust for Flesh? Is it SEXUAL! Are we FUCKING the Animals by putting them in our mouth? No you proper dirty minded hedonist. Our hedonism is of a different form you sicko. We actually consume animals for a couple of different reasons: most of them are just made up bull-shit and I will ignore those here because they are irrelevant.

We consume animals because it is "normal". We also consume animals because we are "better than them", and that is our "right" as the superior species of this world. It's a power trip to eat these beings and display proudly that we are beyond nature and in full control of it, and can can control and consume it at will. Our sin is that of self-aggrandizement.

But these thoughts are just illusions. We are still apart of nature. We still feel for the animals, and if we accidentally spend too much time with them, with no businesses crafted to separate us form our cruelty required from consumption: we will realize that we are just like them.

Not only are we like the animals we consume, but they are also like us. They think, feel, and have motivations and goals. Their aims may be lower than ours because they are simpler but they have the same need for social structures and desires for some form of prosperity. They may not be able to read or understand the outer world through their limited mind or from their perceptual confines of their captivity, but we too have created humans in this way before. We used to, and still do to some extent, have slaves. They did not read, or have freedom, and were used for their labor and often dispatched when they had nothing left to give. They were often not murdered but more frequently worked to death to save their owners the cruelty of their dispatchment as they could not justify the murder of a person who simply followed orders properly their entire lives.

To a slave, "murder" is just "something that happened to them" out of the "control" of the slave owner. But it was under the control of the slave owner. The owner can say that it was the "system" that crushed his slave as the system of slavery demanded that he be worked to death, and that was a form of murder outside of his control. The slave “simply” died because his body could not handle the burdens put on him as though he had any control over age and time itself. The slave owner can distance himself form the murder of the slave because it too is not his fault that Time and Aging could not be conquered so it’s “no ones fault” that he was murdered as this was just apart of the “system” they belonged to.

However, the Slave Owner never stepped into the System to try and change it because why would he? The system was generating for him profits and delights and all the hedonism he desired from his property in both sexual appetites and power tripping over his own property, taking delight in the fact that he was "above" someone else that was not really fully "human", and thus deserved no protections. And, it provided him with all the finances he needed to have a very comfortable life. Why would he interfere and interfere with this luxuries, comfortable life, and feelings of superiority over someone else? Interfering with anything may make him a Social Pariah and he will lose all of these luxuries and have his livelihood and monetary profits too die under the crushing burden of the System in which he lives.

Even today we have Animals. They're not-human. So the Empirical-Evidence of our System World says that we don't need to respect them if we do not desire to do so. Our system subsidizes their production and removed as much cruelty as possibly from our eyes to spare us the moral burdens involved in consuming our fellow living beings. The Monetary-Price is even right due to artificial government interference through financial subsidies to make the meat cheaper for the end Consumer.

The economic price for financial cruelty is actually quite high. As growing, rearing, and raising animals is far higher than producing their plant-based alternative calorie, vitamin, and mineral wise. So, so much so, that if the cruelty were to remain unsubsidized the vast majority of people would not be able to afford meat at every meal. This is, however, what is done because The System deems it to be this way. The System has decided that meats need to be artificially cheaper than they actually are in production costs so we can continue to consume them commonly on the daily.

We are so Systemic in our thinking and so Empirical in our thinking, that we are never allowed to Feel for Ourselves would could possibly be an Alternate Truth: a personal truth from within instead of from externalities and outside messages we have our inner world hypnotized by. Even our morality is mostly based on outside social contracts of what is Right and Wrong. A boss abusing their employees at work and making them miserable and not giving them equal health insurance, vacation time, perks or benefits is the bosses "right" as a "Higher Form of Human” who does deserve all those things but those beneath Him do-not.

Animal cruelty is the same way. We humans have certain rights and those "below" us deserve rights less in quantity or quality.

These is a common theme here in why we eat animals and why we have our social stratification of different “Classes of Human” the way that it is. There is always an Artificial Human Need for some sort of Superiority and some sort of Inferiority. This hierarchy has to continue and extend to animals, through meat consumption, to artificially include them in our human-hierarchy. Else, the lowest human on the societal and economic totem-pole will eventually realize that they are getting a raw-deal and being treated as sub-human with less rights and privileges. The lost personas will become too aware that they are constantly being shit-on by the “superior-humans” societally above them, and being forced to endure more cruelty, hardships, and humiliations because they are "lesser" in our Systemic Hierarchy of Human Suffering.

Our sentient-being-based-food is just a training ground for the cruelty that we inflict upon each other in a hierarchical manner. Bosses are economically and socially separated from their employees so they may divide themselves from their own cruelty. In this way Bosses are more easily able to deny their slaves the material benefits that they themselves are awarded and have artificial justifications for this behavior.

Animals are a stand in to this process of feeling like we are above something else. They are a stand-in for our Egocentric Elevation. They make us feel both like we are beyond nature and not the lowest persons in a natural hierarchy and also in our human Unnatural-Hierachy. Because, even if you are the lowest human, at least you are so privileged as to have power to inflict pain and suffering upon a beast so that your mental and social status is secured as being "more than" something else.

When you tell people to Go Began you are threatening this hierarchy. You are threatening the External-Hierarchy and a persons Internal-Hierarchy as well. It putting both their external and internal worlds into question for review. However, they cannot do this “review” of their perceptions because there is no “Empirical Outside Evidence” to tell them what is right and what is wrong. They may actually have to think for themselves for once and that is Dangerous. You are putting in jeopardy their entire world view and place in the social and natural hierarchies and telling them that they are no better than plants because that is all that the will mentally be allowed to have a "cognitive kingdom" over once animal oppression and meat consumption is removed.

No one likes being told that they are only better than plants. "Plants" is not something that is sentient or an individual. We don't think of individual flowers or trees. We think of flower beds and forests. You can't have dominion over a single plant because it does not make a good discreet "slave". You cannot enslave a Forest or even a Single Tree. A tree is too resolute about being a tree and nothing more and nothing less.

A tree simply is a "tree". No matter where you place it, it will still reach towards the sunlight and prosper without our doing. Even if you slaughter a tree it is still wood with properties outside of our control. We can only eat the parts of plants that they allow us to consume by growing those sections for us. The sections that we eat are consensual and are given to us as gifts by nature for the picking and harvesting do we may be sustained.

These foods from plants are of a different nature from those we get from animals. They are more like gifts from Gaia herself as trees and plants are not concerned with continuing their lives in perpetuity and don't struggle to survive in a sentient way like animals do. Our very lives are simply gifts from the plants.

With a tree or plant there is nothing to conquer as trees are not enslaveable. They simply reach for the sunlight unaware of what we "humans" are personally doing. You can't feel "superior", "superlative" or like a "slave-master" to nature because it is so much more powerful and greater than us. Just like we cannot really contain a tornado or hurricane and are helpless to natural disasters, likewise we cannot contain or try to elevate ourselves above a plant or tree properly.

The vegan based diet is too humbling in its gratitude towards nature. It is too humbling in that we simply have to accept these gifts from mother earth to survive and without them we would wither and die.

With animals it is so much more convenient to feel superior. You can feel superior over a single pig or rabbit because they are discrete and not apart of something larger in our cognitive perceptions. A tree or plant is a citizen of nature that we can never hope to fully conquer. Nature is our superior and we know this as we often suffer Her wrath during natural disasters.

A rabbit, on the other hand, is easily controllable. We can make it suffer. We can traumatize it, and we can eat it. The rabbit gives us not only nourishment but the Illusion-of-Control over Mother Nature. It gives us this false delusion and security over mother nature, so by consuming this discrete beast we have gained superiority over something grander than us but only in a form of illusion and delusions. However, these False Perceptions are enough to satisfy us weak minded human beings.

So why do people not want to stop eating meat? Because it will humble us too much. It will make it far too evident that we are just like the animals. Only our artificial social system and quoting "empirical" evidence of this or that as "truths" protects us form our own inferiority to thing larger than ourselves. The animals that we eat are just a crutch to inflate our own artificial superiority over "something". It doesn't matter what the "something" is as long as we are superior to something.

We are still in our social framework, a rather infantile species that judges our humanity in comparison to something else. “Correct-Intellectual” thinking and the Sciences are always "divisive" in their analysis. This is the context of our current infantile culture. We think in comparisons and dichotomies to the exclusion of our own wholeness.

We are this compared to that, We are that compared to this. Never do we contemplate that we simply “Are” and that we simply “exist” without comparison to some external standard that really is no credible standard at all.

But, if we stopped looking at these divisions we would see, that we are all One. We are not separate entities. We ARE Nature, and we are all fully apart of this planet as small sections of it.

The Vegan Diet leads too easily to this type of thinking. Without Superiority over animals by consuming them it’s far too easy to realize we ARE Nature, and that thought-form is very threatening to the social context and power hierarchy that we reside in now. If we all realized we were all actually equal, not only to the beats but also with each-other our larger society wouldn't know what the hell to do with itself because it would have no one to oppress and with which to generate comparisons with through these types of cruelty.

Without comparisons most people would not be able to have any pride in themselves. Without something else to violently pierce a lever of self worth into, most people not have a pivot point for their positive restitutions and self-image. They must pivot onto something to find pride and fake self worth instead of independent self-love.

Most people just don’t know how to live without compare and contrast to externalities, and that is where the domain of our distaste and dissatisfaction and misery with ourselves lies. We are always trying to distract ourselves from ourselves with a bunch of damaging-lies related to our own concept of our worth. We take this dissatisfaction with ourselves out on the animals by consuming them instead. They are our abuse victims that make us feel superior through violence and by bringing them artificially into our human hierarchy through consumption so we can stand over them as superiors to boost our own egos.

We (us, animals, plants, beasts, nature) are all One. And, THAT is far too dangerous a Thought Form to be allowed to exist in our current global social climate. Overturning the current way of thinking and perceiving would bring us closer to nature and initiate the greatest "Natural Disaster" in recorded human history.

This Thought Form would lead to the Most Natural of Disasters. This would not be a natural disaster in the form of an Earth Quake or Tornado or Hurricane in the external world, but it would destroy internally, in a great calamity, the very fabric of our reality and social structures. All-is-One would wipe away the "facts" and "empirical evidence" or "social structures" and "societally approved morality". Instead All-is-One will give rise to A More Natural Order upon which a New World might perhaps emerge from. A world where there just isn't any justification for turning a blind eye and purposeful abuse simply for the sake of our own selfish individualistic divisive elevation over others.

This threatens our power structure and our society and it is not "allowed" because no one knows what would happen during the process of this Greatest and Naturalist Disasters of the Mind and Soul, as everything we have ever thought about Comparative-Reality would be destroyed and we would realize our every perception were all tainted the entire time.

Instead we ARE NATURE, and that is a very dangerous thoughtform because that Rabbit-Hole leads to an uncharted destination and definitely to an uncharted Process of a Single Revolution. Not a revolution of Countries or States, but a revolution of Humanity Itself that will encompass the entire world at once.

That is why, the vegan diet is too dangerous for most people to comprehend. It will cause them to "comprehend themselves”, and in comprehending ourselves we will realize that there is no "ourselves". There is no real power. Our hierarchies are lies and deceptions we tell ourselves to elevate ourselves ego-centrically above something else. It didn’t matter what that thing we tried to elevate ourselves above was. It could heave been anything, anything Else outside of ourselves, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as we are "better" than someone or something else. If only 3 things existed in the entire universe and one of those things was human, the human would find a way to justify his superiority over at least one and probably both of those items for absolutely no reason at all.

The Vegan Diet is Dangerous because this dietary change in the external world will most definitely change your internal world. It will change your internal world to the ultimate realization that we are not actually humans, or a species, or individuals but that we are Simply Earth. There is no comparisons to make. There is nothing else to be compared to: there is Simply Earth.

Even our bodies are just accumulations of Earth. When we die we decompose and return to the Earth, but we were always Earth. Our Earthilyness is Beyond Time because we always have been and always well be Earth. The only thing stopping us from realizing this is our own ego-centrism that forces us to value our own individual non-permanent "existence" that is not forever.

In the grander scope we are just Earth. We are just Earth, can you really allow yourself to let that fully sink in for a single second? Do you have the courage to fully take in that concept? We are just Earth in different forms temporarily but Earth none the less. When we eat off of plants we are simply giving gifts to ourselves. When we consume another animal we are simply being cruel to ourselves.

Why so much hatred for ourselves? Why try to continually prove to ourselves that we are better than other sections of ourselves?

We are just Earth. Why can't we just let that be and fully come to grips with it?

We are just Earth. Don't base it on Empirical evidence. Just feel that you are Earth and Connect to the Divine Mother who has always been beneath your feet trying to ground you from your own delusions about how you and Her are separate when you're not.

We are just Earth.

And, this is why the Vegan Diet is so dangerous: it will lead to realization of our own Earthliness.

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