Teenage Years
Sep 26, 2023

There was once a time when you had those small hands, short fingers and those big beautiful eyes. You remember there was also a time you rolled and fell from the chair just because you couldn't walk or crawl. The pain you felt made you cry so hard and your mom had to pet you.

Let me bring back the memories of when your parents first enrolled you into a primary school. You had this oversized gown or skirt on. Always crying because you didn't want your mom to leave you with those strange-looking teachers.

You must have also recollected all the crazy things you did unknowingly when you were around the age of 6 or 7. My mom told me a story of mine. She said there was a day she left me with my aunt in the house. My aunt was washing clothes outside and I was inside. I went to the kitchen( meanwhile there was a pot on fire).

I carried a stool and shut the door of the kitchen with myself there. I proceeded to the window and smiled at my aunt. Don't forget that a pot was on fire at that moment. My aunt noticed what was happening. She was so frightened because she thought I might go to the gas and injure myself.

In summary, she had to call the neighbours to rescue me because I didn't want to open the door. That's just one of my crazy moments as a child.
Stepping into your teenage years, all excited and delighted to be referred to as a teenager. It is okay to be happy, delighted and full of joy to be a teen but there are certain things you need to be cautious of at that stage of your life.

The teenagehood begins from the age of 13 to 19. Between these years, you go through so many tests, setbacks, happy moments, struggles and all but the ability to pull through all these successfully is the goal.

As an early teenager, I mean if you are from the age of 13 to 15 then you should know that your attitude and how you react to issues should be different from a person of the age of 10. Your mindset should improve and your babyish nature should stay away from you.

Just because you are now a teenager doesn't guarantee you the power to start jumping ships and letting your heart become vulnerable. You should stay calm and pay attention to your environment.

Like I said, being a teenager is fun and exciting but you should be wise when having fun in your teenage days. Not anyone that smiles at you and gist with you is a true friend. As an early teenager, you should be wise in selecting the person you will spend your teenage days with. People with the same goal as you. People who would love to see you at the top.

Stepping into your teenage age, you can start to have these thoughts, "Oh! I am now a teenager, I can party with friends", "I can have a boyfriend", "I can go anywhere I want without informing parents" and all other possible thoughts. Trust me, these thoughts aren't bad but they aren't what matters at the moment.

You need to think of how to be your best self. How to prepare for your future. Trust me, it is not too early to prepare for your future. It gives you an edge over others and makes your life easy and orderly.

You need to have the right mentorship and guidance so you can have splendid teenage days.

Now to late teenagers, you have experienced a bit of teenagehood. You are familiar with the emotions and all that teenagehood brings. You have few years to fully become an adult. What are the plans you are making for your adulthood?

Age is deceptive! If you think you are still young and have a whole life ahead, then you are joking! No one is too young to work towards their future. You begin now!

As a late teenager, you should think like an adult, take crucial steps, and think critically about how to deal with solutions. Be bold enough to be responsible for yourself. Do you still think your parents will do all things for you? That's a joke! You need to take responsibility from now even when you aren't an adult yet.

Don't let your background be a liability to your success. My coach will always say, that it is not your fault if you are born in a poor background, it is not your fault you were brought up there, but it will be your fault if you grow old and die there. Take actions!

As a late teenager, you should be careful of the people you roll with. The people you stay with and keep in your company. You need people who give the same value that you give. People who have the same destination they want to reach as you aim to. These will allow you to take the right path and build yourself to be the best.

Avoid unnecessary competition with your peers. Oh! My friend is rich, she has so many endorsements, she is very famous. I must be like her, I must pass her......

All these are unnecessary competition that can take you away from your goal and make you pursue what isn't for you.

It is okay to look up to people and want to be like them. But! In the process of trying and wanting to be like someone, do not lose yourself in the process. Stay true to who you are!

Enjoy your teenage years to the fullest but make great decisions and think like an adult❤.

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