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Tarot card reading predictions
Dec 7, 2020

Tarot card reading is a means of guidance for people out there who seek guidance for there life purpose , situation, problems or future. It is highly based on the timelines and energy of a particular person . It is very important for us to let you know as a tarot card reader that the predictions are always accurate but when someone ask something or the other about future then it can be affected after some course of time due to other factors playing there roles. Some of those factors are free will, law of attraction and our karmas. Every person builds his/her life based on these factors , Of course there is past life karma attached to our life because we live on earth in 3 D reality which is just an illusion of time every soul has traveled through many timeline and past , present and future affect eachother. So not going more deep , the crux of this topic is to let the audience be aware of these factors which sometimes changes a prediction.

Much love

~ Riya

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