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Surface piercing aftercare rules

Mar 17, 2021
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Like any other piercing type, it can seem more difficult to care for than with classic piercing types, but it includes many same practices as any other piercing. Unfortunately, surface piercing can take a long time to heal, and generally, it needs 6-18 months for complete healing.

Use the sea salt. You should use a mixture of natural sea salt and boiled water to clean your new piercing. Gently wipe the affected area with salt water and a cotton swab at least twice a day for 3 months. After soaking, blot the piercing dry without moving the jewellery.

Rejection is the big risk. Superficial piercing can be subject to rejection, but this is painless. The process can leave a small scar, so, during the life of a piercing and its healing, you must be very careful when dressing or brushing your hair. For example, the piercing on the nape of your neck, collar bone and public region is the most at risk of being caught.

Do not touch! No matter how careful you are, regardless of the location of the piercing, it will see some kind of movement, try to minimize your movement to avoid rejection. And also, try to keep cosmetic products away from the area until it will be fully healed.

Anyway, if you have any questions, you should see your doctor or try to find as much information as possible on your own.

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