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Stupidity, The Way Of The Cowards

Apr 22, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
Reading time 3 min.

Peace of the mind is what we all crave and what almost all of us are sweating seriously each day to deny ourselves.
I tell you that I never go out seeking to see those blocking that particular quest from themselves at least consciously but yet it’s one thing you don’t need to look out for long before you see about sixty percent of people around you sweating to deny themselves.

It is crazy you know seeing some people as mature and educated as they were and yet still can't place their problems in the right perspective. We hear 24 hours each day that problems well stated is the one half solved solved, yet, it’s an easy thing to do. Why many still found it too difficult to do is amazing and telling too.

I have seen and dealt with many kinds of creatures but cowards that prefer to die re-channeling their problems in the wrong direction due to fear are the kind of beasts that beats all my understanding hands down. What’s there to understand with guys like that?

  If you are too fragile, too potatoes to challenge what is challenging your peace of mind, pretend that you don’t have a problem then we the observers will start guesswork trying to know if you are one of those new generation church members with philosophy of their own rather than fishing to outsource your problems, dilemmas, beliefs to others with no connection to them and then, start unnecessary noise making about the whole thing.

The problem with trying to offload our problems and headaches to wrong person or trying to go after the main source indirectly through another person is that most of the time, it doesn’t just work.
If you know that people you engage with are by far too heavy weight for you to confront when the going turns sour, better disengage from day one, better create an escape hatch from day one and stay always closer to it and face it when the going gets sour.

 Why would a man being used and knowing that he is being used out of fear remain in service or remained in contact with such a person or group using him?
I have seen individuals, nations, and entities in connection with one another and when the going gets tough, one party will deny knowing the other only knowing the same people that initially denied him when the situation turns around. If this is not the wonder of the world in its own class, what is it?

I just told you that nations not only individuals are victims of this kind of willfully disturbing their own peace and stability. Cowards as they say die a million times before their actually death.
Chickens as we all know are too fearful when alive. They never in any confrontation stood and face the adversary and yet, once their heads are off, you see them jumping here and there pretending to be fighting or resisting injustice. Why not jump up and down while alive, maybe just maybe when you are being hammered someone somewhere might open his mouth in your defense.

   Peace of mind never comes o any that is not worthy of it. That is nature for you. Cowardice is a shacklement. Piece of the mind is a free thing, but it is deserved with conditions met for it to be your buddy. Hanging your hands where it does not belong is courting trouble. Humans are not trustworthy beings and we are in the habit of seeking out the weak to swallow, just to assure ourselves that we are still alive and kicking.

Keeping away from perceived troubles in areas not detrimental to our well-being is a smart move. No one is telling you to run and surrender your rights and property when shouted at. The idea is for you to know that heaven never made humans in standard forms. There are classes in this kingdom.
All fingers are not equal. Find your tribe, and your ecosystem, and stick around with them. Never think that trying to re-channel problems away from the cause will make them accept you or overlook any punishment due to you.
Why sleep with one eye closed and the other fixed on the door and windows?
Stupid way of passing through night and Earth.

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