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Still Human (Intro)

Feb 17, 2023
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What does it mean to be human?

My conclusion? To be human means being a creature of creation.

Why creation?

Well, I think it’s safe to assume that something or perhaps someone whom we will simply call The Creator, could be responsible for our existence. Now some of us might believe The Creator to be a being of higher power, some of us will associate it with an object or substance of unknown origin and their will even be those who cling to a more scientific explanation. Doesn’t matter. Either way, I believe that creation in and of itself is designed to create and to encourage more creativity. Therefore, it is reasonable to ascertain humans have been created by The Creator to keep the process of creating alive.

How so? How can/do humans promote creativity?

Let’s start by having a clear-cut definition of the word ‘create.’

Create – To make, produce, or inspire something that will lead to the advancement of all living organisms.

I believe that within each of us lies the power to create. However, where we might differentiate is the kind of shape our creativity will form. For instance, some of us will have the kind of creativeness that will take the form of music. Some will take the form of social justice. There will even be those that will take the form of cooking. No matter what form we each take the same is true for us all. As humans we are servants of each other so that we may preserve the continuity of our species.

Think about it.

Everything that we do sets itself up to serve either ourselves or others. No one job, career or even hobby should be looked down upon for this reason. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are many occupations that are looked down upon because there’s a widely held belief of unknown origin that they are considered “dead end” jobs. One such field of work is customer service.

For the past sixteen years I’ve been in the customer service industry. When I first started out, I didn’t have any specific goals in mind. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew that I didn’t want to work in customer service for very long. I just needed a job. A place to labor so that I could have money in my pocket until I could decide on a more fruitful career path.

Eventually, writing would become my desired path, but I also developed an appreciation for the service industry because of my love for people. Whether or not the people who have come into my life have stayed, all of them have been an inspiration to me. They helped shaped the person that I am today and so I want to return the favor by being a source of inspiration for others.

Recently, I met and have worked with a group of individuals who are the reason behind every word in this literary work. Each of the following chapters is dedicated to one of them. They are customer service representatives. They are creators. They are like everyone else. They are still human.

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