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Spiritual Psychology

Sep 26, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Spiritual Psychology

Where common psychology conducts human persons and personalities by their behaviour, in order to be able to survive in a good way, this spiritual psychology is oriented on:

Who/what am I?

Who/what, am I inside survival?

Who/what, am I by living life in universal love?

Meanwhile I discovered some emotions, which decide what/who the human being is or could be. These emotions are mostly a mixture of four basic emotions. They are for me: Fear, shame, anger and sadness. They are logically present inside survival as also in living love present.

These emotions, mixed or not, are the base of the many out of the body experiences (OBE), the many near death experiences (NDE), the many inner body experiences (IBE), the many near life experiences (NLE), and the many life experiences (LE). Where I make a clear distinction between survival experiences (SE) and live experiences (LE).

When those human persons and personalities recognise their emotions and accept them, they are capable to use them, instead of being used by these emotions. When they become used by those emotions, very rapid comes the experiences and the feeling of being misused.

The goal inside life by love is, not being misused any more.

                                                              A victim never will be happy.

The emotions.

Fear, anger, shame and sadness.

Here I perceived cold emotions and warm emotions. Where the cold emotions are related with misusing and the warm emotions are used for discovering the true I-Self.

Cold fear now is the feat for death and its pains.

 Warm fear now is this fear for life and its love.

Cold anger now is this anger against death and its pains.

 Warm anger now is this anger for life and its love.

Cold shame now is this shame for death and its pains.

 Warm shame now is this shame for life and its love.

Cold sadness now is this sadness for death and its pains.

 Warm sadness now is this sadness for life and its love.

Therefore, any coldness causes pains leading to death.

 In addition, all warmth causes health, leading into life.

Now there are two basic intimacies. The intimacy of coldness and the intimacy of warmth.

Any one has a choice. By spiritual psychology is the human being able to use his emotions in a logical way.




                                                                                  of what I can







For what a vocation?

By spiritual psychology, it becomes possible to discover, for what a human being is evoked.

There are many human vocations possible as:

Father, mother, child, foot ball player or other sportily vocations, pope or other religious vocations, president or other political vocations, doctor or other medical vocations and so on………. Added are more evoking areas, as music, dance, and painting or…………….

In some way, all evoked human beings say by their actions/reaction, I am also a human being. Such a statement gives me the impression that inside the entire humanity the human being is secondary.

He, as a human being plays a subordinated role.

The over-ordinate role occupant can experience satisfaction, when he becomes recognition.

Moreover, this does not replace this by human beings searched happiness. This is for sure logical, because who is evoked for becoming human and depart out of his personalities?

When humanity base on human beings and not on being as a personality, now the personality has to discover a new vocation. The call after humanness, humanity gets stronger and stronger all over the planet. Now it must be discovered, what a vocation by being human is and in fact means. Besides this, what are now his human instruments for becoming happy at last by a human technique.

In this case, it would be possible the personal wars disappear on earth.

Anyhow, I discovered that these instruments are thinking, sensing and feeling.

It is indeed so that

the human being thinks by himself and is not master-minded.

that the human being senses by himself is not master-sensed.

that the human being feels by himself and is not master-felt.

He would master himself, be his own master, love his self and with this heal him-self.

He would not be any more exhibited.

Is this an almost impossible ideal? Could be so. In spite, it is worth trying, really to be one self.

The basic question is:

Am I a humane or a client?


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