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Soulmates, Twin Flames, Divine Life Partners and Other Soul Contracts
Oct 7, 2020

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The words “soulmate” and “twin flame” are often thrown around interchangeably, when they’re entirely different things and everyone is at a disservice for thinking this way. It can be confusing, and society, media, even friends and family push us to find “the one”. The “one” is a lie, but not for the reason you probably think.

In the grand scheme of all of time and space, human life is barely a blip on the radar. A fraction of a blink. Our souls are eternal, and we all go through several lives while we’re in our existence. From my guides, I know that my soul is something like 97 million years old. Which is on the older side of those I know, but is nowhere near ancient. Some souls are as young as a few thousand years old, and some are billions of years old in the human concept of time.

I say that to say this, do you honestly feel that one other soul will be able to provide you everything you need, in every lifetime you have for billions of years? Do you think one soul will be able to provide you everything you need in a romantic partner for even a thousand years? A hundred?

With our nearly infinite lifetimes and infinite possibilities, there is no one soul who is perfect for us all the time in any sense. There are several, at least 10 individuals who we would consider soulmates in a romantic sense that incarnate with us in every single lifetime. That’s not even touching on the other types of soulmates, like friends, family, or soul tribe members.

You might be thinking something like, “ okay, so soulmates aren’t what I thought they were, but I have only ONE twin flame, right?”

Well, no. Much for the same reason as above. Your twin flame is a reflection of you, your shadows, your baggage and everything you dislike about yourself. I don’t feel that twin flame relationships are meant to last, they’re meant to help you grow. Once you’ve grown, the relationship ends and both will move on. It’s also important to note that not everyone has a twin flame because you only get them when you’ve gotten to a certain point in your soul’s journey.

This isn’t beginner level stuff! It’s not a bad thing if you don’t have one of these relationships, and they shouldn’t be as heavily romanticized as they are.

I feel that the way these relationships are romanticized is often misleading. Yes, these relationships are very intense and can be difficult, but I’ve been and seen others in a toxic partnership say that love is just SO STRONG, there’s a soul connection there. They say they can’t leave that person no matter what, they have a soulmate/twin flame connection and no one could EVER love them the way this person does. When does it get better? People can and do fall into this trap and it’s hard to get out of.

A real genuine soul connection, while rough at times won’t be constantly tumultuous, rife with massive ups and downs. If you have a relationship like that, it’s likely unhealthy and the causes of the stress and pain must be addressed. A real soulmate connection is deep, grounding, and safe. A real twin flame connection is magnetic, healing, and full of lessons.

You can have other karmic attachments to other souls that put you in abusive or toxic relationships with this other soul. There are some soul contracts that must be played out, but while often confused for a soulmate and twin flame connections, they’re something else entirely.

I feel what people are saying when they say they want their “Soulmate/Twin Flame/The One” is really that they want their Divine Life Partner, the person that they can be with and build a human life with while they’re here. Have someone to be a family with, to love and to be loved by.

Your Divine Life Partner is someone who’s life path is complementary to yours. This could be someone you lived in a past life with, or this could be someone new. But before either of you came here, it was agreed that if everything aligned, you two would come together and make the most of this life you have here. This connection is stable, gentle, and builds you up to be the best you can be. It’s not glamorous, but it’s still very passionate and feels like home.

Every type of soul connection is important, and we each have several we will encounter in our lives. Having more than “the one” doesn’t make the love we share with these individuals any less special. Love can never be divided, it can only be multiplied. Some of my guides were romantic partners of mine in past lives, and I still love them very deeply. I love my husband too, who I have lived a few past lives with as well, but not to the same intensity.

Love is such a beautiful thing and I’ve realized that the way we view romantic love in this world is very limiting on a whole.

Allow love to come to you, enjoy it while it stays, and send it off with thanks when it’s time to let it go.

With love,

Indigo, Owner of Mistiological.

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