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Jul 15, 2020

Reading time 5 min.

We live in a world of speed, instant, and the need to get things done “yesterday”, now for the most part spirit really is the total opposite slow n slower….

But on occasion it need not be, it can be quick, and easy and even instant!,

Why Not?, energy is usually only blocked by us, so it stands to reason we can flick the switch the other way. Now dont laugh! But I teach a technique called “the golden shower”, yup… you laughed…

Simply put, its remembering the most perfect shower you have had, the one where the water pressure was exactly as you wanted it, the temp of the water perfect and the whole experience was invigorating and almost divine. Im pretty confident you have experienced that at some point. So basically you revisit that experience and in addition you add flecks of golden light into the stream knowing in your mind that the gold is replacing your lost energy and strength, taking through stress and loss.

There’s more to the whole thing but you will have to get one of my books to finish it off.

This technique can be practiced instantly sitting at your desk at work, or during a break, or even once youve practised you can do it sitting in traffic (whilst not moving of course) try it. Do it now whilst its fresh in your mind.

Paul Francis

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