Scientists Prove That Left-Handed People are Truly Exceptional
Mar 29, 2018

Elsa Chambers
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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This is good news seeing that it was just 20 years ago that studies suggested that left-handed people will die sooner or were prone to accidents. Over time, people have also taken left-hand dominance as a sign of weakness that lefties had to work to overcome. So, we think it’s safe to say that this new study is the uplifting one lefties need!

While there’s been a lot of theories as to why people are left-handed, scientists have yet to agree on what the cause is. Some studies have shown that it could be hereditary from the mother’s side, and others suggest that twins are twice as likely to be lefties. What’s even cooler though is that scientists can predict if a baby will be a leftie while they’re still in the womb. The dominant hand can present itself through movements seen in ultrasounds!

Another interesting fact about the birth of left-handed people is that most of them are born either in late spring or early summer. A study showed that the majority of them were born between the months of March and July. Now, we’re not really sure what this find indicates from a scientific standpoint, but it’s definitely an interesting fact.

One additional cool fact is that left-handed people tend to be better at sports. Their movements are so unique that they’re harder for their opponents to predict. In fact, nearly 25-percent of professional baseball players, and 40-percent of top tennis players are left-handed! Those are pretty good odds that you’re right-handed opponents won’t stand a chance.

Scientists also believe that left-handed people are better problem solvers. This upper-hand in the brains department makes them more likely to pursue careers in science and technology. That’s a pretty great plus in a world that is quickly becoming reliant on technology!

Next time you’re feeling bummed out by the way the world is catered towards right-handed people, just remember that science says you’re the extraordinary one. Some of the notable left-handed people include: Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Neil Armstrong. That’s already a pretty impressive list!

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