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Scarification Has A Deep History, but Modern Artists Are Bringing It Back
Mar 28, 2021

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Scarification is a procedure of making your skin covered with patterns, symbols, and images (like tattoos) by leaving scars on it using various technics such as burning, cutting, and scratching.

As was already mentioned scarification is similar to tattooing and was originated by West African tribes as marks to show a person’s identity such as religion, social status, beliefs, and so on.

The scarification process includes damaging skin tissue. While healing damaged skin gets lighter than the general skin tone and that is how the picture appears on your body.

Later scarification became banned by many governments as a cruel way to show a person’s identity and was condemned.

Scarification began its new history in the 20th century when punk and other cultural minorities started using it to highlight their identity and beliefs. For them, this type of body modification sends the message that they don’t want to fit into society in the ordinary sense.

To get a good-looking scare masters to use various instruments such as scalpels or blades. The cut is not really deep. Usually, they are as deep as ordinary tattoos.

Before getting scarified….

First of all, you should remember that the scar will not remain as light as it is at the beginning forever: the skin is getting darker with time. Also, keep it in mind depending on the procedure method and your skin type your scar might heal flat or raised.

The process of getting and having a scar is generally the same as with tattoos. So look for an experienced master whom you trusted and who will explain to you what are the right ways to heal your scar and not get an infection.

Scar healing

The most important thing is keeping your scar clean!!! You do not want any blood infections we sure. Also, wash your hands before touching your scar and try to wash and care about your scar with medicaments that your master advised you to. Buy all the essential products at the official drugstores.

Also, be extremely caring of skin not to cut it to make your healing skin scratched. It might change the correct pattern on your skin as well as produce pain.

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