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Sacramental Vs Occult Images

Mar 1, 2023

I am superstitious to some extent, especially about spiritual things. That is the reason you will always see sacramental on my neck.

That part of my story started, rather became obvious to me while I was a free man in Guangzhou, China. In my days in Nigeria before my moving to China, I wear them at times but I never paid closer attention to them. That is the laissez-faire attitude that comes from being at home. As they say, there is no place like home.

Then I found myself in a foreign land and things changed, my way of reasoning Changed too. Add being illegal In a foreign land and see why my antennas for self-preservation went up.
I attended church services each week and from my base to the place is about thirty minutes bus ride everything being equal. Now, allow me to tell you about the Chinese Guangzhou police. Guy, those guys are in a class of their own, or maybe we the black community were in our own class. Who I was as a free man there is never who I was in captivity. You know that thing with not knowing what you think you do when free and when in closer proximity to something or a person, your fear and awe of those things usually diminish with time.

But whatever, the rate at which those Chinese officers round up blacks and Asians and sent them inside will attest to their efficiency. One Sunday after service, our priest was about to travel to Rome for further education, that service was supposed to be his last with us. I followed a few that went into the sacristy to say our bye-bye to him. There, there was sacramental of every shape, length, and quality on sell. I bought a cross coated in fake gold. I presented it to him to bless and he prayed over it for a few seconds. I put it on my neck and immediately, I had this feeling of being looked upon by someone I don't know but the presence was there and extra assurance that invaded me was felt visibly.

Anytime that sacramental Is on my neck, the fear faded to a very noticeable degree. I escaped immigration officers many times. I attributed those escapes to the force on my neck. Then, in April of 2008, the day I was arrested, I was waiting with the officer posing as a postman for about an hour plus for the owner of the parcel I wanted to collect to show up. Throughout those waiting, some force kept telling me to leave there in a strong voice felt all over me but I kept pushing it to the back of my mind.

About a hundred security men took their positions waiting for the parcel of drugs to exchange hands for them to move in. All these while, I was given time and told to call the owner to come and all those times, the feeling, a genuine one of leaving the parcel was overwhelming. But, I never knew there was immediate danger. The sacramental on my neck was going it works. I signed and took the parcel when they felt that the man on the phone isn't coming and they needed to finalize things that evening.

When the chase began in that crowded garment market, I was against strategically positioned security men and women, I was running like craze. I was caught and hammering began. The first thing that fell from my neck was that sacramental. My gaze did not miss it.

I was taken to their office and from there to the detention house. Other stories that happened in prison there you can find in my articles or you can wait for my memoir. ‘Yancheng powers' it is due out this year. Gods willing.

Then, the last two weeks here in our new currency exchange struggles in the banks, it was so fierce that I don't even know when the sacramental on my neck fell off. I have gone halfway back home when I noticed it was gone. Immediately, what came to my mind was the Cannan garment market incident. I shake my head at its correlation. I never was able to get the money that day despite getting to the loaded machine. My bank was paying other banks, not theirs. Each time the sacramental fell off my neck, it is always bad news. In both occasions, money was directly and indirectly involved. This time I was not listening to my body, to the tiny voice but to cult powers. The image they showed here that very morning. (followers understood)

I refused to go back looking for it. It was time for a new one. Time to pay extra attention to that tiny voice and no more excuses and distractions.

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