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Role Ethics
Mar 31, 2021

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The role function in the information model of the human psyche is a mask that a person puts on when they get into new social conditions and try to adapt to them. Such a mask is used by a person when he wants to show himself in the best light and achieve success.

The role function is an indicator of social success in society. If others evaluate your actions positively, then you are successful. If you are criticized, it means that you are not coping well with your task of socialization – hence the resentment and bad mood.

Each type of personality has its own ideas about how to appear and each has its own standard of social behavior. Since the idea of the ideal is always a template, a person does not know how to act beyond this template. Playing a role constantly is not easy, it does not lead to the desired result and often a person then complains that no one appreciates him.

The information model in socionics determines which aspect fills the role function of each type of personality.

Consider the manifestations of the role for all possible aspects.

Role introverted sensation, aka White Sensation (BS) or “sensory experiences”

Role extroverted ethics, aka Black Ethics (SE) or “ethics of the emotions”

Role introverted logic, aka White Logic (BL) or “logic of relations”

Role extroverted sensation, aka Black Sensation (ES) or “strong-willed sensation”

Role introverted intuition, aka White Intuition (BI) or “intuition of time”

Role extroverted logic, aka Black Logic (CL) or “business logic”

Role introverted ethics, aka White Ethics (EB) or “ethics of relations»

Extroverted intuition, aka Black Intuition (CHI) or ” intuition of possibilities»

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