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Reincarnation inside spiritual universe

Oct 9, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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The common notion is that by death the spirit leaves the material body, finds a space inside spiritual universe and comes back into the body. When the time has come for descend on earth again.

Therefore ascending and descending as a circular motion.

This happens also with the leaves of a tree, any year again, where they are spiritual beings.

This happens also with animals, where they are spiritual beings.

This happens also with humane personalities, where they are spiritual beings.

This happens also with humane persons, where they are spiritual beings.

This happens also with humane humans, where they are spiritual beings.

Now, I want to focus on the breath of a spiritual human being.

This breathing system is also known as the respiration tract, where this word shows that the spirit respires in a tract, in a system.

This tract base on inhaling, turn around, exhaling, turn around and so on. Where this turn around is perceived as a stop, with different time length.

By the inhaling, the spirit of breath is taken inside and received as a reincarnation of the spirit, which was exhaled.

By the exhaling the spirit of breath was pulled/taken out to the outside as a leaving (ascending) the spiritual/material body.

Now the spirit of breath can descend again into the breathing tract.

I realise, it is remarkable to know that a reincarnation by breath is a reaction inside a timely length of some seconds.

Recently became said: Oxygen is important for the spiritual/material body. There even was given a Nobel Prize for it.

The content of breathing is the amount of oxygen needed for survival and/or for living life in love. Inside survival, there is a vegetative respiration tract. Inside living life in love, this vegetative tract must change into a spiritual humane tract of breathing, by more intensity.

I name this tract now as conscious breathing, being aware of breathing all the time.

By the inhale, “fresh” air comes in, fresh spirituality comes in. Life.

By the exhale, poisoned air leaves, poisoned life leaves. Death.

Oxygen can heal illnesses!

I know an outer space, where ascension and descending are partners of spiritual reincarnation.

I know an internal space, where spiritual growth into fulfilment becomes realised.


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