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Raise your vibrations in 3 minutes
Oct 10, 2020

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Take a deep breath. Set the intention that this text will expand your energy field and fill you up with love, compassion, joy and gratitude.

Take another deep breath. As you exhale, allow any dense emotion or vibration to leave your body.

Take another deep breath, deeper than ever before. Hold it at the top for a few seconds. Release your breath with the intention to transmute any heavy energy, ( which might be active in your body ) to become energies of life-experience and compassion.

Allow yourself a moment of self acceptance.

From this place, I want you to continue to breathe deeply, and allow your energy to vibrate higher. In other words, allow your body to feel all sorts of good emotions.

I want you to smile,

Smile a little bit wider.

I want you to give thanks, thank yourself for being here, guiding yourself to more pleasure, more healing and more inner peace.

Say out loud if possible “I’m so grateful for being me, I’m so grateful that I’m exploring ways to feel better, to heal and to become more of who I truly am”

If this creates weird emotions within you, please remember that it is old heavy energy leaving your field so that more love can enter. Continue to breathe, give thanks and repeat ”I’m so grateful for being me, I’m so grateful that I’m exploring ways to feel better, to heal and to become more of who I truly am”.

Be honest with whatever you feel and allow the emotions to move through you.

Save these affirmations and read them a couple of times every day

“I’m worthy”

“I’m open to receive love”

“I’m open to positive change”

“I trust my healing process”

“I’m an infinite being, capable of creating anything”

“I’m so happy to be me”

“I’m so grateful for my inner peace”

“Thank you thank you thank you”

Continue to read these affirmations and say them out loud, even the days when they don’t feel true for you! Every time it feels fake to read those statements, please KNOW that what you experience are your limiting programmings, rising up to your awareness so that they might leave your field once and for all. So, even when it’s uncomfortable, give thanks.

Each time you do this work, you are creating more inner peace for yourself and a more loving energy field.

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