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Poisoned mind

Sep 27, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Poisoned mind

I meanwhile know that any emotional pain limits the intellect and intelligence of a humane person, personality or humane human. By this view is such a pain in fact a poison. This poison is poisoning self-consciousness of humane beings.

It limits the capacity of thinking, sensing and feeling.

This can be watched where humane persons by their personalities inflict each other with emotional pains. All possible kinds of war are useful for realising this. Now pains become realised. Where humane persons get used to them and now survive by these pains.

Such an emotional painful poisoning becomes transferred genetically into the next generation of humanity. Now the womb plays here an important role. In spiritual view not only the woman, moreover the man has also a womb. Here that conscious being becomes born inside a man or a woman.

Such a poisoning is also disturbing the hormonal family. I perceive hormones as spiritual organisms, which establish themselves as humane hormonal persons, humane hormonal personalities and as hormonal humane humans.

Of course, they do this by thinking, sensing and feeling as an instinctive intellect mind or as intuitive intelligent consciousness. In this hormonal family, appear inside survival warlike hormones and in living life in love now loving hormones.

Where love heals with the love hormones caused by spiritual love.

Again, these thoughts bring hormones in action and reactive thoughts bring reactive hormones in action.

Along the hormonal family, I perceive more families as f. e. the glands inside the immune system. Here also is active spirituality. Therefore mind and/or consciousness.

Both families influence each other.

Where inside survival the immune system is seen as a fighting system.

Where inside living life in love this immune system is perceived as a transformation system.

For sure by me.

Now is inside the survival immune system a family of glands, which also is involved inside a gender fight, between male and female glands.

This way, in fact are all other organs and organisms watched inside a familiar cooperation. Here also can the poisoned no-mind have its impact and cause organic damages.

Moreover, when I can accept all these families inside a system of living life in human and universal love, now the inner fights should stop and an inner self-love could appear. Moreover, now there is a need for describing of ………….what is love?

This could be done by the yes-mind.

Now it appears to me that this inner self-love is like a bud, which can grow to a blossom by a spiritual impact.

The poisoned emotional pain body becomes now a detoxicated emotional love body.

After this has happened, it is even possible to transform this material/spiritual bipolar love-body. In material view, this body is still bipolar. The singular body represents itself inside a spiritual mass, which is not any more of the personal known matter.

This singular body is in fact like a secret, which must become aired in some way for any humane human.

For this to happen, all poisons of all gender fights must become transformed.

Now a yes-mind, a conscious mind and consciousness is needed for a humane human.


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