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Aug 23, 2023

Today in the field of astrology lots of research is going on by eminent scholar astrologers.Many new informations about #astrology is found, and one of such info is the strength of of 29, 0, and 1 degree of a planet in the horoscope/kundli.In a horoscope/kundli the maximum degree of a planet in a rashi/zodiac sign is 30 degree.

In earlier text of astrology which is still in practice, the 30 degree is divide into 5 parts known as Avastas ( state ), and each avasta is given a name which also signify the strength of the planet according to its name.

They are named as Bal (child ) avasta, Yuva ( young ) avasta, Kumar ( full adult ) avasta, Vrudha ( old ) avasta and Mrutu ( dead ) avasta.

According to the name its well understood that a planet falling under 6 degree is in his Bal avasta and as we know that if a child is asked to perform a task, then the child can’t perform well and same will be the result of Mrutu avasta of a planet which fall beyond 24 degree as the planet is in death bed, can’t perform much.

For Vrudha avasta the performance of the planet is there but very slow. The best avasta ( state ) is Yuva and Kumar, as the planets in this state perform the best to give its results. In the research of astrology new findings in two of the avastas mainly Bal avasta and Mrutu avasta which is considered as weak state of planet where performance is negligible is found.

Speaking it in degree of the planet, the 29, 0 and 1 degree is very power full. The planets having
these degree have huge strength in ones horoscope. It is said that during the transition stage of planet from one rashi/zodiac to other rashi, the planet at 29, 0 and 1 degree possess huge energy to move itself to cross the threshold between the two rashi/zodiac.

This is the degree at which the planet develop huge transformation in acquiring energy for its transit to the other rashi/zodiac and thus have the powerful strength in-spite of having a very low degree. So with advance research on astrology many new findings are discovered and thus our vedic astrology is also getting a new dimension of knowledge to know about the planet and its power better.

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