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Phytotherapy Successfully Tests a Viable Treatment for Zika Virus
Jan 17, 2018

Andres Burke
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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US Phytotherapy Inc. (“USPI”) today announces that it has completed crucial research in confirming efficacy of its drug candidate, PROACT-Z, for zika virus inhibition in the recently completed preliminary cell culture studies.

USPI’s patented solution demonstrated a dose-dependent inhibition of zika virus infectivity. These studies employed ZIKV FSS 13025. USPI is continuing with pre-clinical in vivo studies and is in pre-IND discussions with the FDA.

There is presently no known treatment for the zika virus. Often the diagnosis is not certain, as the symptoms are similar to those of dengue fever. PROACT-Z is formulated with all-natural plant derivatives, generally regarded as safe, and therefore will not cause any harm to those who are misdiagnosed as none of its ingredients have any threatening side effects.

“The validation of preclinical studies is a key milestone for our company, and means that we are now ready to accelerate our compound and move towards human trials,” said Bob Rosen, CKO of USPI. “Our novel approach is based on USPI’s expertise and leadership in the field of phytotherapeutics and our highly productive drug discovery platform. We are excited to be advancing this first novel compound for zika virus.”

Zika is an emerging mosquito-borne viral disease with outbreaks recorded in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. The CDC has linked zika with Microcephaly and other birth defects. Complications can include smaller head measurements and a condition called fetal brain disruption. The full range of health problems that can result from the virus remain unknown.

About US Phytotherapy

US Phytotherapy is a research and development company based in the United States, dedicated to the discovery and advancement of natural, plant-based formulas which are safe and effective in their use as a treatment against invasive diseases.

The Company’s innovative development strategy is to generate drug candidates by analyzing medicinal plants and extracting solutions for current clinical difficulties, where there is either no drug available or an existing drug has unacceptable side effects.

Currently, the Company is conducting advanced pre-clinical testing on its dengue compound, proceeding with its zika compound development, and are actively investigating compounds against a number of additional viral diseases including chikungunya, yellow fever and malaria, among others.

by PR Newswire

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