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Philosophy and existentialism

Jun 4, 2023
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The profundities of thought, where questions emerge,
Reasoning dives, looking for truth and appearance.
Existentialism, a way it tracks,
Investigating life’s substance, where significance spreads.
From Socrates to Nietzsche's significant cries,
Reasoning winds through time's vast skies.
Mulling over presence and its conflict,
Disentangling the secrets of life.
Silliness hides, as Camus once declared,
In this present reality where significance appears to be untamed.
The human condition, a perpetual journey,
To track down reason inside this infinite quip.
Kierkegaard considered, the singular's fear,
Notwithstanding decisions, nervousness reproduced.
To live genuinely, or just adjust,
Existentialism uncovers the standard.
From Heidegger's perspective, being on the planet,
Dasein's presence, basically spread out.
Addressing presence, its reality and care,
We contemplate our place, in this web we share.
From Descartes' uncertainty to Kant's ethical ground,
Theory's bits of knowledge always flourish.
Thinking about reason, morals, and that's just the beginning,
Looking for information, its profundities to investigate.
Theory and existentialism interweave,
Inciting contemplation, considerations so fine.
Asking minds dive into their profundities,
Looking for replies, where significance sires.
So let us set out on this philosophical journey,
Embracing the inquiries, with minds side by side.
For chasing after truth and knowledge,
We might find the importance inside our own light.

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