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Peace Filled Serenity
Oct 29, 2023

Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2023
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Don't deny yourself a peaceful existence.

I repeat.

Do NOT deny yourself a peaceful existence.

You are here for a purpose. Everyone's purpose is a different one but all have one similarity. The Divine.

We go through some pretty excruciating situations in our lives yet somehow manage to dust ourselves off and keep moving forward. That in itself is divine strength.

Don't get me wrong, there are many who will sit, sulk and dwell on what could've been but that gets us nowhere fast.

Life is way too short to reside in the darkness when there is so much light ahead. The light is all around us -- It's just that some will be surrounded by a thunder cloud refusing to break away from the storm that follows overhead.

You can easily walk away from the rain and fully blossom into a beautiful flower that was always inside of you.

No one deserves to live a life with depression, anxiety, stress, etc. We all deserve a sort of peace within our existence. A peace within ourselves. A peaceful state of mind.

The first step to doing this is to just breathe.

Inhale then exhale.

Listen to the silence for a bit. Block out all negativity and just exist.

It's healthy to be angry. But don't sign a lease to live there for a while. Get angry, state your feelings, then come out of it. It's refreshing to express how you feel but don't keep coming back to it. Move on once you've been heard.

Find that balance of peace.

I once, very recently, had a huge argument with a relative. I mean, someone near and dear to me that I would have never raised my voice with but this particular day, I had had it with their behavior as of late.

I released all my frustrations while even shedding tears. But once I calmed down, I kept apologizing. They apologized as well and said to give thanks to God for allowing me to speak as I did. Because it honestly needed to be said and my relative understood that.

I still felt the heavy weight on my shoulders the following day then decided to stop by their home before going to the gym. I wasn't going to be able to workout knowing that that argument was still on my mind.

I saw them in person, gave them a hug, apologized yet again -- They shed tears and just hugged me for an extended period of time.

It was needed. That embrace, the touch, the in person communication -- was much needed.

We both felt better afterwards and I was able to move on from it with my mind now at peace.

So you see, as I've stated, it's okay to get angry but don't dwell in that headspace for long.

State your opinion, shake it off, move on. Return to that comforting peace of mind.

Some may think it's a bunch of nonsense to say, "move on". But it isn't. Only closed minded people would believe it's an impossible thing to do. Those are the ones who would prefer to be angry forever.

By all means, if that is what you prefer, then go for it.

For those of us who prefer happiness, moving on is the best bet after dealing with a stressful situation.

Meditate. Pray. Repeat... Is my motto.

It took me DECADES to get where I am today, mentally and emotionally.

I have no intention of leaving this place. I love it here.

My own peace filled serenity.

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