Past Life Healing
Aug 27, 2021

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You have lived before, this is not your first time around. You did not come here as a blank slate. Your soul have been there and done it all. It is not surprising that you meet certain people in this lifetime who push your buttons, make your life miserable, or continue to treat you poorly. You do all the healing work around it, but all in vain: the problem persists.
I find that when my clients were unsuccessful to resolve their issues the conventional way, what works miracles is going into their past lives where they can resolve the long-standing issues for good, and heal their past lives.
I believe that this time many of us have come here to do just that: to heal the past so it stops holding us back in the present. By doing this, we create a new exciting future for ourselves. We are finally able to create the life of our dreams.
This is how I use Past Life healing with clients.
Aaron booked a 5-hour long session with me. He had been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction ever since his divorce 12 years ago. His ex-wife accused him of sexually abusing their two little girls, a set of 3-year old twins. He didn’t do it and felt absolutely horrible. Nothing terrible happened, the judge believed him, and he went on having a “normal” life, however, the erectile function never came back.
Since then, he only had one relationship that lasted 2 years, but it failed due to sexual reasons. To avoid frustration and shame, Aaron never wanted to get involved with another woman again.
I was guided to take Aaron to the past life where he first met his ex-wife, to get to the bottom of that situation, and to nip it in the bud, so to say. Aaron saw himself as a Catholic priest who sexually abused little children. Such was the case with his ex-wife who happened to be in a body of a little girl. He saw abusing her a few times. We looked at one more past life when he was connected to her again, that time she was his mother, and he was a little boy who was abused by her.
We healed both lifetimes and did a lot of forgiveness work on his ex-wife in this lifetime, and other lifetimes. His sexual function is now slowly coming back. He is open to doing more mental/energy work to further heal past life trauma and abuse.
The reason the medical profession is unsuccessful with treating these types of disorders is that the underlying reasons lie in other realms, in this case in past lives. Reincarnation is real, we do not come here as a blank slate. If we look at this problem holistically and approach it on all three levels {mental, emotional, and physical), we have a much better chance at resolving the issue and get lasting stable results.
Another example: Jason came to me with multiple concerns, one of which was his inability to create a long lasting meaningful relationship with any woman. We went to one of his past lives where this problem originated. It happened to be ancient Egipt, and he was one of the slaves who was desperately in love with a woman of high society who he couldn't have. His other self was suffering greatly for many years until we went in and successfully resolved that unfortunate situaltion and healed it.
Jason was able to attract a young lady that was very compatible with him on many levels. It took only one past life healing for this particular client, however most of the times it takes more past lives to heal to get permanent results.
Healing past lives is one of the most exciting and beneficial things you can do for yourself!
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