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"Our Real Enemies Are Nearer Than We Thought"

Dec 5, 2023

Enemies are not ghosts, they are humans that cross our part one way or the other each day.

People at times think that or tends to believe that those people are foreign beings or that they differ from them in one way or the other. Religion, race, tribe or the others. But they are those near you with everything as yours and some of them smiles a lot.

You should be wary of those near you. That is if you believe you don't know where your problems are coming from, don't start from afar seeking fot it, start around you, on all that are close to you. We hear all the time that charity begins at home. Of course it does. Your problems starts at home too.
We know that Judas is so close that had Christ not been Christ, he would have started seeking for the source of his problems from afar or even among floor members of his disciples not Judas that is treasurer and financial secretary put together.

It's of great importance that we must know that most of the problem we have comes from either competition, jealousy, greed or covetousness. You need to know that the heart doesn't desire what the eyes don't see at times. It's a person near you who sees and hears most of the things concerning you, your family or business, etc. Those far away don't care that much for they know you are not outside what paper and the internet say.
There is this adage that it is home Rat that informs the bush one about the fish in the kitchen. Never the other way around. When rumors or secrets about you start spreading, their source must be near you. No matter where they are trying point you to, if you are interested enough, start from your home front and your neighbors and then, go outwards from there.

The problem we at times have is that when we are engulfed by a crisis, we assume that it must be those afar, we always assume that everyone around us is happy for us, that those, all those who put food on their table each day from our pocket are happy for us.
Check out all the true stories you know of. Judas with Christ and Brutus with Caesar come to mind easily. Modern-day stories are full of such enemies. Check out all the coups around you. All the relationship and business betrayals around you etc. All are people within or those that started it all with us but along the way are secretly working with those afar who are fronting themselves as your main enemy to distract you from real ones.

       At times, the problems and crisis that comes to us from those who benefit from us has something to do with misplaced knowledge of us by those people. I was in detention house when they brought in an undergraduate who beat another to death during the exam with his friends for not showing them his papers. The young man's father was a politician of high standing. The boy was on chain hands and legs and he doesn't mind at all. He was telling us that once his father shows up tomorrow, he will go home. When two days passed and Father did not show  up, he became worried and started seeing the reality around him. One week no father, two, no father, and the boy still in chains. You see how some disappoint and betray those around them and themselves believing falsely that magic will happen. Judas has the same mindset about Christ. He thought he is a magician.

When you begin having problems, start
to look for the source near you first even when an entity is fronting himself or herself as the source from afar. People are good at re-channeling tactics these days. Distracting one from concentrating and knowing the real source of his problems. Caesar found out the hard way when he shouted "Even you Brutus"

To avoid even you...... Whosoever, Start from day one to seek the real source of your headache near you. No matter who is fronting himself or herself elsewhere.

   Since we must not lose faith in humanity, we must not put our trust in them entirely too. Humans are manipulatives and jealous-infested beings and knowing ourselves and knowing our enemies like Sun Tzu said is the number one buffer to this kind of anomaly. Others are in the hands of the spirits we can do anything about. So, the idea is to be watchful 24 hours each day.
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