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O Sole Mio
Dec 3, 2021

Studying in the guidance and counseling field made me given a chance to listen to others’ stories. From common story until the story that I thought it’s far from my life and impossible happen to me. Stories about an alcoholic person, a friend who enjoys free sex, a friend who consumes drugs, a friend that faces a broken home, and a friend who becomes homosexual. At that time, I have not learned yet about counseling techniques, so I just listened.

I thought those stories will not influence me. But, I was wrong. Those stories influenced my way of thinking. A society that I thought, “if you have community or circle, it’s enough”, but the reality is not simple as that. Society has many social stigmas.

Their behavior has been criticized by society and also their community. There are two varieties of criticism. Some communities agree with that behavior and claim it as the right thing (become an alcoholic person, free sex, homosexual, and consume the drug), some communities disagree and claim it’s a wrong thing. I had been looking for, why the claim is different.

And the result is the personal background.

The difference in the personal background is influences people’s way of thinking.

In my sight, the personal background made people have subjective thoughts. Subjective thoughts are not can be a standard to claim that behavior right or wrong. If the claim of right or wrong from an individual perspective can not be a standard, why is the claim called right or wrong?

In my view, subjective thought should not have the right and wrong words and to claim it should be from an objective thought.
From that, I realized that evaluation needs an objective standard and it comes from not human. The most logical, true standard is from God.

That conclusion is beginning to me. Beginning to learn and know my God. Allah.

It’s like O Sole Mio for me. O Sole Mio means my sun. Napoli philosophers use it to depicture that the sun is the thing that waited for every human as a beginner when morning comes.

I hope the good thing of my experience will be a basic thought to always remember my God, can guide me to devout worship, and bring me to Allah’s heaven.

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