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New beginnings
Mar 16, 2021

Core Spirit member since Mar 4, 2021
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How it all started!

Well , as it happens to all of us , when it hits you were it hurts the most.

So for me it all started in my teenage years. I lived a normal life , I grew up in a big city , lived with my parents till I turned 22 and with “normal “eating habits. That was evolving around meat, fish and all that was so kindly provided by the animal kingdom.

And we sure did enjoy every meal, in a haste, and with pleasure. Lots of ordinary meals, full of fats, carbohydrates and vegetables. Luckily for us we grew up drinking lots of water and tea. So fizzy drinks were definitely not in the menu.

Then I moved away from home , when I met my amazing husband and we moved in together. Fast forward 6 years ,we had a new life just the two of us in a different country. We moved to Germany and our first job was in a fast- food restaurant . Being beginners at speaking the language and not knowing a lot of things. And fats forward another 2 years were the problems started to arise. My health was in jeopardy, I was feeling this constant pain in my chest , a pain so unbearable that it kept me up night after night. Till one day I had a morning shift and I started to have that awful pain in my chest again and I needed to throw up everything that was in my stomach. And that happened every 10 minutes. I ran to the bathroom every time but after the first two times there was nothing left in my stomach only water. And then I finally decided that I can’t go on like this and I needed to see a doctor. So I went to my doctors appointment , I told him all about my episodes of pain and symptoms ,and after taking just a quick look in my mouth, he said this to me:

Your stomach is a mess, it’s in a very worsening condition and if you don’t change your eating habits then you will come down with gastritis.

He told me there and then that starting from that point on I’m not aloud to eat any more pork, fatty meat, no fried fats and no more sweets.

We left his office and went home and from that moment I decided to make a change for myself and my health if I want to enjoy a long healthy life together with my husband. So I told my husband that I’m finally going on a vegetarian diet, that ironically was a goal of mine for quite some time.

Starting the next morning I changed my life and never looked back. It was the easiest transition I ever made , I knew that I wanted this for myself but I always put it on hold. But not this time. My body warned me and I didn’t listen.

This time I did and it didn’t take long for results to show up.

And yet again fast forward another 5 years and here we are ,moved again to a different country, a beautiful little island called Malta.

We started from zero again and couldn’t be happier. And three weeks later I was pregnant. After 12 years of marriage the miracle finally happened. I found out that I was pregnant ,but only after two and a half months, and only because my sister insisted I do a pregnancy test. The only symptom I had was dizziness. Oh and missing my period, which never happened to me before. We were thrilled to welcome our first child into our family.

During pregnancy and giving birth me and my husband talked a lot about taking the next step toward our way of life. And that was becoming a vegan family.

And let me tell you again that it was the best decision we ever made in our lives.

The transition from a vegetarian to a completely vegan diet was made from one day to another and never looking back. Our only regret so far is that we didn’t do it sooner.

But luckily for us our son is born a vegan and he is a healthy, amazing and full of energy and joyful little wonder.

So yes , this is just a glimpse of our journey so far, but I had to share it with you and say from the bottom of my heart that making this choices for ourselves we’re definitely the best ones . It changed our lives for the better, and we have learned so much along the way.

And that is how I started my business being a health coach and sharing all my experience and knowledge.

This will be my legacy for our son and for all the lives I wish to impact in the future.

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