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Nov 30, 2022

When we talk about 💫needs💫
what do we think of them, what is our perception exactly, when it comes to that subject?

Let me tell you what I think and observe. We, humans, are very dramatic beings, which might be the thing I love the most about us. So, in this context, we are either

pushing against our very needs, or
completely letting needs take over our whole existence and reason to be here

We are pushing against them when

everybody goes around and says: "You don't need approval. You don't need his/her love. You don't need his/her attention. Trust me, you are fine without it, trust me - just love yourself", denying ourselves and other the very recognition that we need the most. In these cases, people might also add an - "chill, you are overreacting", the thing that adds maximum tension because let's be real, there's no such thing as over-reacting, there's only reacting and any action or manifestation of behaviour, thinking which might seem exaggerated to others, it is just about their view and perception and says nothing about you, since, very clearly -> behind every behaviour wether of thinking or action, there is a reason, a Belief, a thing to be noticed and questioned. There's no such thing as overreacting, the term is not valid. And know this: those who use it are for sure using the same kind of perception on their behaviour, which only brings up more frustration

And so, when I hear something like that, I'm like "...but I do. I do need it"❓🤔😅...

How can I ignore and deny something I'm clearly feeling just because it shouldn't be felt, by other people's definitions? The thing is, by not paying attention and deluding ourselves into a non-existent perfection, we can do Us so much harm, it's like we're running and running and think we're getting somewhere of great importance when in reality we are only getting away from our own selves. Who says needs shouldn't be felt? The norms, the standards - "love yourself" standards? What does that mean - "love yourself"?

🤍 Doesn't it mean embracing every single aspect of ourselves? 🤍 Which will truly bring the so wanted harmony we chase in all this mess. A beautiful, beautiful mess

Then, there is the opposite related polar, in which we manifest a needy life, we constantly manifest the ->lack<- or something, that we could have if we would just change our focus from it to happiness at the moment instead. How lovely that realisation is, that we can, truly can, be happy now, no matter of our external circumstances. It is bliss. It is freedom.

And don't get me wrong, needs are wonderful. Us needing is what keeps us aware of what we want to become and to have around us. It's just that we forget to return to ourselves after we're clear on what we need. We could scream at the Universe and cry and take a sit on the ground, begin to punch our hands and feet against the ground, and then, we could stop. We could begin to heal and realise we already have everything we need, and guess what -> when we do that, what we wanted when we screamed will make its way towards us (I talk more about this here). But we choose to be stubborn little creatures and obsess about the need, which will only make us aware more of what we lack in the present, which will only further reminds us in every then-to-come moment of how much we lack it and how MUCH we need it.

But really, all need is only -> condition.

So we got here 🙌🏻

We acknowledge and become aware that we do in fact have those needs and our system works trough them in interactions or certain situations, that we do not need to cling on the need forever. So how do we deal with them?

Some are healthy and come naturally, but we have to make a difference between those kinda longings and the ones that are built into our system trough past experiences, trough other people's beliefs, trough our environment, because trough those, we actually -> go against ourselves. We can make the difference by recognising 👉🏻 the place they are coming from 👉🏻 out of lack or out of full. It's all about that kind of awareness of internal reasons. That means: if you need something because you lack it or if you need it because you are it and it would only fit and satisfy your already so fulfilling and magnificent experience.

❔ This requires questioning ❔

So the necessity really is just looking at that need, feeling what comes with it, looking at it dead in the face while hugging it and asking
"- Why do I need his/her love?

  • Why do I need his/her friendship?
  • Why do I need people's approval?
  • Why do I need to condition myself, when I am limitless?
  • Why do I need to feel good now.
  • Why do I think I need something to be well"

The Whys 💜

Through that, we set the intention to start digging deeper into ourselves, into the knowing of our very possible blindspots. Because the answer to all those questions is no other than we don't realise what we already are, what we already have and how it is all just singing and playing and dancing around us or with us. It is clinging for our hands to grab and come along but we don't see it when we're facing this

And then, the journey begins.
Sweet journey of self-discovery 🔦
Shadow facing, the hidden part.
The suppressed part 🌓
Hard as hell, lovely as it can get to be

With the purpose: Pure acceptance. Of total. Of whole ☯️ Of being in every way you can possibly be in, at the moment and create a balance out of every emotion, every tendency ⚖, not for someone else's benefit, not because we feel obliged to, but because it is the best for US and because it brings us more and more towards a place of so much peace, of relief, of non-resistance, of dancing with your own self in pure, pure joy, in every moment. Can you imagine that? You can have that, there is magic happening with each intention we send "out there" -> right here and since you're reading this article, I simply know this resonates with you somehow, in some way, trough some perception

🌑 The Dark Night Of The Soul 🌑

And it always comes back to the basic, to simplicity, into coming to know what was there all along, right in ourselves. Simple as it's almost dull to realise. I say almost, because it's not close enough, since it's so thrilling

The Flow of Everything, pure pleasure

In finding out

And loving in.
And then, of course, reflecting out

How do you deal with it once you have the reasons? It all depends on the need, on the noticed tendency, after acceptance. The only one rebelling trough those is your frustrated, lonely, ignored inner child 🧒🏻👧🏻, who was maybe exposed to some conditioned behaviours, but now, only conditioned by you. You can break free of those, you just have to handle him/her with care and love and hold him/her in everything that you do 🤲🏻

And after seeing how aligned and right that feels, any traumatic, conditioned cycle that might be triggered in you will only reflect the opportunity for growth, an opportunity for evolution (more about the traumatic cycles here). For everything that you attract reflects an activable vibration in you, nothing less, nothing more. Nothing but true peace realising that. So effective, so effortless.

Still, exciting and nurturing

So really, just enjoy it.

🦦 And don't forget to play trough it 🦦

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