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Mother - Son, father is involved

Sep 28, 2019
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Mother - Son

The father is involved…..

I prefer the path out of the manifold of pains, which base on a duality by good and bad.

Therefore, out of the manifold and into the singularity of health. Where singularity means for me that I, as my self, comes to the point. Here all is one, what confirms with my vision of a cosmic/universal consciousness. Now is valid:

I…am…my…self…as…being…one…in oneness.

Inside the survival world, in special is pointed onto the manifold of species and now is validated as the biggest value on earth. Therefore a spiritual view by thinking, sensing and feeling, which is adjusted on a manifold of forms.

I just think so:

I recognise only one health and an enormous manifold of illnesses.

Health/love is one of a kind intuitive and intelligent affair.

Illnesses/wars are a business by a manifold of instincts, which are confirmed by intellect.

Which instincts are related with a lordship and which are in tune with love. By the yes-instincts of love, it can happen something new is happening in love. Now intuitive intelligence is at work for discovering the new.

All these spiritual phenomenon base again on the trinity of thinking, sensing and feeling, or on mother, child, father or on father, daughter, mother etc. Now it would be possible to experience, who now thinks, senses and feels inside this personal trinity of relating. Alternatively, by which intensities this happens and by which kind of mind or consciousness this is made possible.

There must be some-“thing” initiating al what happens on earth.

Many people belief that is done by some kind of god. I accepted that this entirely is a spiritual affair, where spiritual universe is the wirepuller. I have accepted that a spiritual singularity is the wirepuller, in order that the humane human being must walk the line searching for universal truth. I had to make much effort for coming in the position for thinking this way, to sense it and to feel it. This started at some time by my awareness.

This awareness is an other one as the one inside the army, where all soldiers react on a command. Now they stand all of a sudden aligned on a line.

No, I made something different as like walk the line or move my self on the path onto truth.

Where this path is also a path by many curves. Moreover, also on this curved path is valid: straight ahead or in my care straight towards the inside. Where both can right, by living the moment.

Whether my path is realistic and true, I can only perceive myself. This is now logically also valid for all humane beings on earth. Still it is for me important that the search for oneness is the case.

Awareness stays needed.

Waking up.

Father - Mother - Child.


I was married. I came back after a three monthly journey at see. Any one can imagine that I had a strong longing for intimacy with my family. Where for sure my longing for intimacy with my wife was more intense as for my child.

Therefore, early into the bed and walk the line of longing. It did not take much time, where our child started to cry in his bed in his sleeping room. I got a bit angry, because my wife became distracted, where her attention went to our child. Love intensity between her and me became reduced. I presume that this is the case with all mothers, being addicted to their children.

It took some minutes……

I stood up, hold our child to us inside our bed and we loved each other again. Our child did not cry anymore!

My wife was at first sceptic astonished over what I want to do, moreover now she was again connected in love.

I took is as very logical that my child cried so loud, because he had not experienced his father since three months, where his father now was almost a stranger, which occupied his mother. Logical, or? Our child was at that time very young.

In fact, this was also for me a message, because many years after I took the decision for living an other kind of life.

Love is inclusive……

Therefore the healing trinity of love.

Logically I reduced suffer by my action of my little child, because my child decided to stop crying.

This is dehypnotising:

An old common story became transformed into a new story.

Here I healed my self also, because I never experienced such an event in my childhood. By this view, I now must write in fact:

The father is a male grown up “humane being”, the mother is a female grown up “humane being” and the child is a growing humane being.

In some way, I write here over equal rights. The only needed “difference” is this growing. Where the grown up Person thinks he must not grow any more, of what by my experience the biggest stupidity is.

Growing happens inside a womb, where I perceive three of them, where birthing happens any moment. The only difference I see in this growing process is growing in lordship or growing in love.

Any one has the right to be a human being and there is no need to be educated to a personality in lordship. Therefore my main issue: What is a humane human?

Mother - Son.

The father is involved.

Our child was male and therefore recognised as a son.

This little story clarifies how many persons are adjusted on the ignoring of the third person.

The mother births a male being.

The father births here in this short story an inclusive love, where all three of us did the same.

The son births him self anew, because he became involved in love. Therefore, he at first cried. He experienced pain, because he was not any more in focus.

I accepted meanwhile that the origin conception of a humane being repeats itself inside survival on earth. Therefore father/mother/child. This now is valid also INSIDE a humane human, as it was the case here also.

Even where there are more children, as with my parents, it is ever this concept of fertilising by a trinity and birth by a trinity.

Now this must be an evolutional concept!

Science: Out of +subatomic hydrogen and -subatomic hydrogen appears helium!

By this fusion finally life as know on earth appeared.

Moreover, now there is death also present. Alternatively, these emotional pains cause death. I accepted that here is something not involved in the procedure of fusion. In that case, fission does win!

Inside survival now, the possibilities to suffer by such spiritual/emotional stories are possible and happen. This suffer can be that strong that the material body is not any more capable to be the home for the spiritual soul. The spiritual soul-self leaves the body, finding a spot where he/she by his/her spiritual wounds (being ignored) to stay, or to “hang around”. Until the possibility appears for reincarnating spiritual again inside a material body.

This something like eternal survival inside emotional pains.

In some way, this survival principle was not enough for me anymore, where I started my search for more love. I had to work out and to digest spiritual pains of denial and transform them. This is a still ongoing process.

This denial base on a duality inside gender by their manifold of forms. As said, this manifold finds itself again present inside the manifold of emotional pains and the belonging illnesses by suffering. Therefore, I went on the search for an alternative.

The mother births. The son births. The father births.

I became in some way pregnant by this experience, shown above, and wanted later on birth an alternative to survival.


Words of awareness concerning survival, living life in love, being universal


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