December 22

Modern Fairy Tales and Spells of Mass Distraction

More or less, we are all familiar with the fairy tale of Cinderella and most people, if asked, would recall the story of a young girl whose mother has died and whose step-mother and step-sisters treat her in the most horrible way. Then one night the King organises a dance evening for his son, the prince, to find a wife amongst all the women invited. The step-sisters have been invited to the event and Cinderella wants to go too, but her step-mother forbids her to go. They then leave her at home doing the usual housekeeping when a fairy appears and casts a spell for Cinderella to be able to take part in the evening at the castle.

This is the version of this story popularised by Disney.

In the original story by the Brothers Grimm, however, there is no fairy and Cinderella takes part in the dance with the prince simply because she disobeys her step-mother. Furthermore, Cinderella basically casts her own spell when she asks the tree at her mother’s grave (a tree that she herself has created with her own tears):

“Little tree, little tree, shake over me,

That silver and gold may come down and cover me.”

Now, there is a significant difference between being rescued by a fairy and rescuing oneself, isn’t there?

What if the fairy never showed up? Cinderella would still be wiping dirt in her kitchen instead of living happily ever after with her prince.

So, disobeying an unjust authority and coming to one’s own rescue seems to be a good moral for this story. Not the only one, perhaps, but a good one.

Recently, I had to think of the difference between the Grimm’s version of the story and the one proposed by Disney while thinking of QAnon and “the plan” they refer to so insistently, after spotting yet another article about it.

This recent movement seems to be constantly reassuring people that everything is part of “the plan” and that someone is acting in the background to assure an outcome to current global events that is in support of the people of the world and of good in general.

So if, for example, things seem to be going in the wrong direction, people need not worry, because this is all part of “the plan”. Because actually (and more importantly) the battle has already been won by the “good side” and we are simply witnessing the last breaths of the evil forces who are now already defeated.

In a few words, if it looks like things are getting bad, we don’t need to do anything because someone (a mysterious saviour/fairy) is doing the work for us… even better, it’s been done already!

This fairy tale is directed at a certain kind of person who does not trust the government anymore (and rightly so), does not trust the mainstream media anymore (and rightly so) and has a very strong feeling that something big is going on. This kind of people are those who will not buy so easily into a superficial explanation of the events and will most likely come closer to the truth by digging deeper. What better way to disable them than convince them that they don’t need to do anything because it’s all taken care of?

They can still dig deeper and, in fact, they are offered all sorts of details about “what’s really going on”, in a carefully crafted mix of truth and fiction because you don’t need to hide anything from them if “the plan” of action is no action. So you might as well disclose as much real stuff as they can take because they won’t do anything except for talking about it amongst themselves and following “the plan”. When they talk about it with other kinds of people, they will be laughed at anyway…

I could be one of them because I have the same uncomfortable feeling that the official versions of the stories we hear are far from the truth. It is just that somehow a master plan of no action does not appeal to me.

I prefer the original version of the Cinderella story, where if you want to change things, you need to take matters into your own hands. Disobeying an unjust authority and casting your own spells.

Many years ago, when the movie The Secret came out (based on the best-selling repackaging of ideas previously proposed by Émile Coué, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, etc.), someone I knew was so thrilled by it that she organised a viewing gathering at her place. She invited me along with a group of like-minded people, all interested in spirituality and various topics that can be labelled as “new age”. As many of you probably know, The Secret deals with the idea of the Law of Attraction, one of the most popular modern myths.

While I do believe in the power we all have to influence the course of our lives with our intention, when I noticed the strong focus that the author of The Secret places on material wealth (read money) I felt uncomfortable. Not because I believe that spirituality and money cannot go together, but rather my thought was something like: great! Now they have found a way to convince people that if you are poor, this has all to do with you and the way you are not “attracting” abundance. So the solution to poverty has nothing to do with a fair redistribution of wealth because everyone can have everything, if only they really want it!

Yes, I know, The Secret mentions many other aspects than just money. But the focus on money is strong and persistent enough to make it a main topic.

That is such a cleverly crafted piece of indoctrination. If you are poor, you can now feel guilty because you are creating your own reality. Or you can feel excited by the possibility that, by buying this book, and then the next, and then a workshop, and then another book and then a retreat… and so on, you will finally remove all your blocks around abundance. No need for a fair, global redistribution of wealth when you can attract everything you want… and if you can’t… well, you must not be ready. At some deep level, you don’t really want it.

Somehow it smells like someone with a lot of wealth has come up with such ideas… just saying.

Do we really want to be treated like this? If we buy into these designs, are we not obeying the same powers we say we would like to disobey?

Personally, I am afraid that writing “I do not consent” on your Facebook profile won’t stop what’s coming. Personally, I am afraid that by following “the plan” you may find yourself sitting back exactly at the time when you’re supposed to get yourself out of the kitchen to go the King’s castle.

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