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Mental Health
Jul 31, 2020

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Mental Health is invisible to most people, that is why it is extremely important to speak up about your feelings. If you ever feel down or the thoughts start to circle around, do things that you enjoy or something that has helped you in the past.

The best things that you can do when you are feeling down are to try and speak to someone that you trust, either a teacher or someone from your family, it may be hard to do the first time but try and push yourself as much as you can. If you feel that it is too hard to speak to someone then writing it down can have the same effect, you are getting the feelings down and not bottling up inside as much, some people when writing their thoughts and feelings down like to write about how they could resolve the feeling or stop it from happening as much.

All of us will have off days, even our favourite celebrities feel down sometimes, you are not alone and neither is anybody else, we are all together as one.

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